copper penny

  1. Mike.vanderkoon

    Add Copper Juliet to the collection

    Just arrived and looks beautiful. Not to different from OEM finish.
  2. U

    Sold Penny Parts

    Or Penny Pahts.....LOL These came from Coppah Pennies......and unfortunately this is all I have Nose bridge/ 2 spring hinges/ nose bombs (1 has a small tear) / 1 orbital screw & orbital gasket / 3 washers (no pic) and one lens. The lens is maybe a 7-10. I can get a pic of that if you really...
  3. Pospaintballer

    New case=new xmetals

    Time to fill this one. Big shout out to @Aggie07 for these 2 gorgeous and yes complete Penny's.
  4. erap

    copper xmetals-show me the patina

    the only oem i know is the copper penny. others are copper plated juliets, xx or romeo. curious to see the discoloration or "patina" on the copper oem finish or copper plated xmetals. how long did it take to have the discoloration? i used to have copper watches which developed greenish hue...
  5. U

    Sold Copper Penny

    Hi all! This is new in box throughout. Fresh from storage. Full set box match serial. Would rate 9.8/10 (for 10/10 reserve for new from factory). ;) Spare nosepad included. 1100$ PayPal G&S. EMS Shipping with insurance included. Serial buyers & NO trade please. Thank you for looking.
  6. U

    Trading Medusa for 24k or Copper

    I'm checking if anyone want to trade a Medusa for a full 24k Juliet, XS or any full 24k Oakleys. Also might consider a copper penny Medusa size Large- is in great condition but no goggles or box.