1. abhbiswas

    Oakley Crossrange switch RX

    Hey guys, I've just bought a crossrange switch as my prescription specs. Could anyone who has purchased this earlier tell me whether you get an extra set of temples with it or not?
  2. Mits0108

    Crosslink vs crosslink zero?

    Anyone know the difference between the above mentioned frames?
  3. D

    Oakley Crosslink Sweep: where do get extra temples?

    SmartBuyGlasses sell the Oakley Crosslink Sweep frame, but when I asked, they don't include an extra set of temples. However, their price is good (I'm also buying a pair of sunglasses at same time) so I'm still tempted to use them instead of another online retailer. Can I source these temples...
  4. B

    Does the matte black Crosslink get dirty easily?

    The matte black Crosslink looks good & is a great fit, but that frame feels kinda less smooth, almost rubbery on quick inspection, do they get dirty and show the dirt faster than if they were polished ones and if so are they harder to keep clean?