custom lens

  1. lifeinrio

    Which lens is best to cut for Juliet's

    Hi guys, I wanted to know your opinion about lens cutting. Which current Oakley model cuts best for Juliet?
  2. xmetal40

    New lens chopping option

    Straightlink XL. Definitely taller lens. Not sure if it’s tall enough for Romeo or Mars, but it’s gotta be very close. @Chris A Hardaway @SouLFuLFroG @zwc0442 @mtb-nj @Titan X
  3. Lars

    Some new lenses

    I got some lenses from @Chris A Hardaway today as always excellent. Prizm daily for the penny BIP for the x-squared. The DWP is also from him from before and moved them from the plasma frame to the carbon.
  4. xmetalmaniac

    Custom cutting lenses/discussion on Periscope Date/Time

    Just recently I began custom cutting lenses live on Periscope for forum members to watch and ask questions. Because of the positive feedback and the request for it to continue I am creating this thread so I can post Dates/Times of the cuts along with a lot of tutorials and Q&A. If you would...