custom lens

  1. xmetal40

    New lens chopping option

    Straightlink XL. Definitely taller lens. Not sure if it’s tall enough for Romeo or Mars, but it’s gotta be very close. @Chris A Hardaway @SouLFuLFroG @zwc0442 @mtb-nj @Titan X
  2. Lars

    Some new lenses

    I got some lenses from @Chris A Hardaway today as always excellent. Prizm daily for the penny BIP for the x-squared. The DWP is also from him from before and moved them from the plasma frame to the carbon.
  3. xmetalmaniac

    Custom cutting lenses/discussion on Periscope Date/Time

    Just recently I began custom cutting lenses live on Periscope for forum members to watch and ask questions. Because of the positive feedback and the request for it to continue I am creating this thread so I can post Dates/Times of the cuts along with a lot of tutorials and Q&A. If you would...