customer service

  1. santmyre

    Terrible warehouse order fullfilment!

    On the 16th I ordered a Retina Burn Radar EV Sock kit. It was under men’s and labeled standard fit. It arrives as an XS size not men’s. What you’re looking at is that wrong order, which was then “corrected” and re-sent with a complimentary Redline colored pair. Which was also wrong and another...
  2. CrazyALee

    My (good experience) trip to HQ today =)

    Aside from all the crazy traffic (to avoid toll roads and paying one-time fees, etc), I decided to head out to HQ today. its about an hour away. My main goal was to get one of my juliets tightened up. So I went to the walk-in-warranty, and asked if they still did juliet tune-ups (since theres...
  3. Jackson32

    Upcoming unknown release

    Called Oakley today to see if I could get any information on replacement lenses for Medusa and the rep whom I spoke to was shock and amazed I had called about the Medusa. Said it wasn't something that he gets everyday. Anyways while he was researching for me the topic came about of Oakley...
  4. theafroman

    What is your opinion on Oakley Customer Service?

    Hi everyone, i just want to see what you guys think of Oakley's customer service, personally i have a hard time with it, I a while i tried to contact them and they said they that i will receive a reply in a few days but they never replied. Rating Oakley's customer care 1-5 i would say 2. What...
  5. TheFrogLife

    How Do I Authenticate Very LE Frogskins?

    I was told to call or email the oakley customer care and they basically told me there's no such things as pairs like the EB's, vdays, and blends. I even chatted with the "frogskins" guru who said the same thing. Is there anyone specifically in oakley I can talk to or email about the very limited...
  6. W

    Offshoot Suggestions/recommendations

    After years of trying to find glasses to fit my fathead (size 8 hat), I finally found the offshoots. Perfect glasses, IMO. I like the shield type lens, frame is perfect, and great coverage. My only problem is the lens choices. I want a matte black frame with a gray polarized lens! Right now...
  7. Dallas O Hog

    HAHA Oakley Customer Service

    As some of you know I have been trying to get a stainless/rubber band for my holeshot. After being told I could then I couldnt and back and forth on just buying the band, I was finally told I could get the band for $500!!! I tried to explain to the guy the price difference was only $175...