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    Oakley cycling sunglasses

    Hello I would like to share in the forum our last blog post. The translation has been a great headache and I would like to ask you some feedback. Can you see too many mistakes? Thank you Oakley Cycling Sunglasses: Each and every model you should know 2017
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    Radar EV replacement lenses

    Hello everyone We have launched a new product. Replacement lenses for Oakley Radar EV Path - 100% Polarized There was a high demand for these lenses in the cycling community in Europe. Now they are available in our online store. Take a look and tell us what do you think Thank you
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    Oakley Jawbreaker, EVZero or RadarEV ??

    Well, the 2016 Tour de France is completely boring. So We have made an article about the cyclist sunglasses. There are new Oakley´s models this year such as EVZero or RadarEV. The Radarlock and Racing Jacket seems to become obsolete. We talk about it in our last article The most popular...
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    Cycling clothing

    Hello I think that I must post this thread in this category, I hope I am right. Well, we have created a post and an infographic, talking about all the cycling clothing for each part of the body. Of course, sunglasses is one of the most important. I hope many of you are cyclists, and please...