1. T

    sideblinder for Juliet

    a few more pairs of sideblinder arrived for juliet available for sale 10 Pairs by 100u$ 1 pair by 15u$ All colors available
  2. Bredon8

    Cyclops X-Metal/Titanium Penny

    I know this revives a topic talked about over and over again but I wanted to bounce it off of the enthusiasts. I got a pair of 1st run Ruby Juliets when the first movie came out and got a pair of Titanium Pennys after the second one. I always thought he actually wore Titaniums because that's...
  3. kronin323

    X-Men: Apocalypse

    The next x-men movie is scheduled for release May 2016. In it has 18 year old Tye Sheridan cast as a young Cyclops. Anybody hear anything about if Oakley will once again provide the shades for Cyclops? I found this pic and they look more like modified Wayfarers to me...
  4. U

    For Sale Custom Cut Polarized Ruby Juliet Lenses w/ purple tint

    Custom Cut Juliet lenses. Sourced from a Base 6 Carbon Blade lens. Model: Ferrari Ruby Iridium Polaried InfiniteHero Cut Hue/Tint: Purple is the dominant color and is an excellent representation of a first generation Ruby Juliet Lens. Please see photos for the wide array of colors offered at...
  5. DG85

    My favorite Colorway, X-Metal Ruby Juliet (pics)

    I've been hunting down 'real' Ruby lenses for quite some time with little success. I have a stockpile of FRuby lenses, but nothing that captures the essence of Cyclops and his glory. I was fortunate enough to source a pair of Ruby Polarized lenses from a Carbon Blade. Everyone said it...