1. Mark Southwell

    Blue Flores Gascan with Blue Icons

    Hi, just after a bit of information. I have my blue Flores Gascan (have the brown one as well) and mine has silver / gunmetal icons that the all seem to have, but I came across one the other day with blue icons labeled as BNIB and is certainly looked it. Just wondered if anyone has any...
  2. Lupetto

    Traded David Flores (brown)

    For trade my Flores brown. looking for a hollowpoint or MM polished watch. Thanks for checking! ( trade pending )
  3. The_Darkone

    David Flores Blue Gascan Question

    I have read the forum links and discussions about serial numbers, glasses being "pulled and destroyed", and unknown number serialized/unserialized in the wild. But how do you tell the difference between First run and Second run versions of the glasses? Also why was there a second run if all the...
  4. R

    For Sale ARTIST SERIES PURGE - See listing- all NIB

    Looking to scale down my artist series collection. I have these available. All new in box. If you'd like to make an offer PM me. Don Pendleton Fuel Cell - 180 - SOLD Will Barras (includes bandana and shirt!) Montefrio - 180 Robert Pimple/Barry McGee Hijinx - 180 - 1 left C100 Jupiter (includes...
  5. TheWannaBe

    Who got the flores!?!

    Ok... Who got the NIB flores for 182? I had the 180 bid but it was stolen!!!! Who!?!?!?!
  6. Dallas O Hog

    For Sale David Flores Gascan Blue complete

    Numbered 22. Understanding is forst 100 were numbered. Has everything. Box, bag and mint glasses. $465 shipped US. International pays shipping
  7. ptownphil

    The Lowdown From Ptown

    For my 1000th post I thought this was just in time. Just bought this still waiting 4 it to get to me. And this.