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    Sold Mp3 Jewel display, Eyewear jewel display,Display 2.0 kit

    Mp3 Jewel display, Eyewear jewel, Display 2.0 kit sale as a whole Display 2.0 kit 97-898 new It includes: 2 display's 1 post 2 display's 2 posts 1 display 3 post 5 ad card Eyewear jewel display 89- 422 new Mp3 jewel display 89-694 new Price $210 Pay by Paypal sent free only to the...
  2. U

    Buying Oakley Display Case

    looking for either a single or a table top case, prefer local but would consider paying for shipping for a table top case. Not really looking to spend over $350-400 for the right case. I'm located in Portland, OR Let me know what you got!
  3. frank330xi

    My 1st case....it's not going in the bathroom though

    Well I have done it! I popped my display case cherry. I picked up this medicine cabinet today, and have a few questions about it. My 1st is about the stands that are epoxied on the shelves and the bottom. Are these add-ons or was this a Oakley issued version? The stand are the tops of the...