eastern boarder frogskins

  1. U

    For Sale Frogskins | Eastern Boarder Acapulco Gold

    Hello Forum, on behalf of a friend of mine (who isn't a forum member, but well known in the community) here is the chance to own a superrare pair of Frogskins. This opportunity will not come very often as most of the hardcore Frogskin collectors sit on their items like on a golden egg. Okay...
  2. Ramslacrosse09

    Eastern Boarder Prototype?

    Anyone else see this? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Super-rare-oakley-frogskins-eastern-boarder-prototype-/271642572927?pt=US_Sunglasses&hash=item3f3f28b87f
  3. TheFrogLife

    Eastern Boarders

    I have a lead on a pair of 3D EBs and I want to know If the frame should glow? And what frame color and are the trouble Andrews the only glasses that glow?
  4. mainFRAME

    Lenses On The Eastern Boarder Frogskins 3D?

    Hello everyone, Im trying to customize my frogskins to look like the Eastern Boarder Frogskins 3D. Does anyone know what lense are on those? Thanks in advance! for reference only.. not my pic..
  5. FrogTastic

    Eastern Boarder

    Wondered if anyone had seen those Eastern border frogs on ebay?
  6. chrisbron

    Final purchase of 2011! It's epic!

    Well guys, There are only 9 of these babies left out there in the world! Have a wonderful xmas and NY!