1. U

    For Sale  Thump 2's

    Looking to sell a few Thump 2's. Please let me know if you have any questions. Polished White with Black Iridium - 512MB - glasses are like new, fully functionally. Comes with USB cord, installation disc and booklet. - SOLD Polished Black with Grey - 256MB - Only the right earbud...
  2. U

    For Sale  Original Thumps

    Looking to sell some original Thumps. Both are brand new in the box. However, both batteries are dead; they will need to be replaced. The only other issue is that the flap that covers the charging port snapped off. It is still on the Thumps, but is no longer attached to the frame. Please...
  3. U

    For Sale  Razrwire - BNIB (added Display pieces)

    Looking to sell a brand new in the box Mercury with Light Grey Razrwire. Charging and pairing works; I was able to pair with my iPhone. Box does show a little wear from storage, but glasses and everything are new. Also, have some Razrwires that were display pieces. Lenses have some light...
  4. tacticalmusician

    Split Thump trouble

    Hey, everyone. I just acquired a pair of Split THUMPs and I'm trying to get them working. They charge and are showing the green light, but they will not power on. The manual has not been helpful at all and the firmware update from the website doesn't seem to work on my Windows 10 laptop. And...