elite bag

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    Sold  Pit Boss Ducati frame (OEM, not custom)

    Pit Boss Ducati frame (OEM, not custom). I see absolutely nothing wrong with the frame, and aside from the lenses, I don't think the frame has ever been worn. These were put together with mint condition OEM PB1 Ducati spare parts. Everything is tight and solid. Frame and bonus lenses $SOLD Add...
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    Sold  PB1 Pit Boss 1 -

    Up for sale is a PB1 in New condition, Frame and Lenses rated high 9/10. Includes PB1, Micro, inner box, Wooden Case/box. PB1 Pol. Blk w/ VR28 (03-304) Priced firm at $425.00 Shipped CONUS Will go international for extra$$ Thanks for looking! I'll toss in the stand if this goes before the...
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    Buying  Elite O bag

    Looking for a Elite O bag for a pit boss 1. Dont think the 2 has it. (or it is round). thanks.