emerald polarized

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    Sold XS Emerald Polarized Lenses

    Brand new XS Emerald Polarized lenses 8.75 BC $110 Shipped CONUS
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    Sold Tinfoil Emerald Polarized lenses

    Emerald Iridium Polarized Brand new, never mounted. Purchased as backups a while back and just not needed. Fits both Tinfoil and Tinfoil Carbon. Not Tincan. Asking OBO shipped CONUS (add for int'l) Photo of set mounted is only for reference and are not the lenses that are for sale. Yes, that's...
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    Sold R1 emerald polarized and big taco ice polarized

    These are the next set of lenses I've decided to let go First is a R1 emerald polarized big taco cut mint condition like new no scratches $120 shipped and pay palled conus Next is a set of ice polarized big taco lenses they are basically brand new just no box $old shipped and pay palled...