1. G

    Does anyone know if the Mag switch were ever released WITHOUT "Magnesium" etched into the lens?

    Does anybody know if the Mag Switch were ever released WITHOUT "Magnesium" etched into the lens? I just bought a pair off of eBay for a good price that seller claimed had the etching, but after making payment, he responded and said they don't. Please help!!
  2. Yo Flawch!

    Here is a poll/survey to express your opinions about custom cut lenses with partial etching.

    I have definite opinions about custom-cut Oakley lenses with partial etching, but I want to see how other enthusiasts feel about this topic. This is a survey, but in a poll-style format. If you're not interested in the topic, there are EASY OUTS... either click out of this thread, or make ONLY...
  3. A

    Etched Text: A Beginner's Request.

    Greetings Oakley enthusiasts. I have a beginners request with respect to my future oakley purchase. I wish to purchase the SI variant of the M frame 2.0, and I wanted a custom text written on it. As you may know, Oakley themseles provide a custom variant with with the option to add a...
  4. U

    Sold Left for ebay- BNIB Tour De France Fuel Cells

    Selling a BNIB Tour De France Fuel Cell (only taken out for pictures). They have never been worn or seen the light of day before today :) Bottom left lense has the Tour De France etching. No scratches, dents, dings, bumps, bruises, etc. FULL DISCLOSURE: One end of the box is a little smushed...