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  3. U

    For Sale Radar Tour de France + Gascan S Tortoise

    very new radar sunglasses in perfect condition included bag gascan S tortoise Some details on the lenses and frame $ 250 with shipping included
  4. Frogskins

    Are these an Oakley Puerto Rico Employee Exclusive?

    Can any of you confirm if this is true ... These glasses were an employee exclusive, given out to employees at the 2009 sales meeting, which took place in Puerto Rico. (Hence the Puerto Rican flag icon)
  5. U

    Buying Ghost Text or History Text sunglasses . . . Gascan, Hijinx, Scapel and so on

    hello community, like the titel says . . . i‘m looking for some Ghost Text or History Text sunglasses: Gascan, Hijinx, Scapel, Straight Jacket or what you are willing to let go. please send me a PM what you have! thank you.... BTW if you have some clothing i need size Large ;)
  6. U


    hello OF community, like the titel says - i‘m looking for the MotoGP Spielberg edition! please send me your offers . . .
  7. cacatman

    🦘The Definitive Oakley Owner's List Page

    Last updated 22nd February, 2023 by @cacatman Stop Press If you haven't registered your numbered Juliets or X-metals with the relevant threads as mentioned below, make sure you do that, because there's a company printing fake numbers on X-metal ear stems. See @wwhcxmetal's thread about it...
  8. Oakleynerd

    Carbon Prime MotoGP ordered / received / got canceled / looking for one

    i'm not sure, if we really want to know that by the end of the day but what would you think about a list with these options. maybe every member who is in that game could say at which status his order is?! in a couple days we will see how many exist ;) ORDERED / RECEIVED / GOT CANCELED /...
  9. 702baby

    WTAPS Frogskins

    WTAPS x Oakley Summer 2016 Frogskin Sunglasses | BallerStatus.com WTAPS and Oakley Bring It Back to 1985 With the Re-Release of the Frogskins Sunglasses
  10. U

    Trading SGH Exclusive Matte Clear Ruby Iridium Holbrook

    Got 2 pairs of this, brand new with box. Looking to trade for brand new in box American Heritage Frogskins and Holbrook. Already got the Fuel Cell and Crankshaft and looking to complete the collection. Will also sell for $170 each. Let me know if you're interested thanks.
  11. U

    Sold Want something you can't go out and buy? OAKLEY V.I.P. polo, mf bag, golf balls and more.

    In 2014 I was an OAKLEY V.I.P. Account and Oakley flew us out from VA to CA to live, learn and love all about Oakley while they unveiled their PRIZM technology on a gorgeous golf course with the Golf PRIZM Flack Jacket. I realize someone else may enjoy these things more in their collection so I...
  12. U

    Sold 2015 Holiday Exclusive Pairs - Catalyst, Latch, Triggerman

    Selling the 3 holiday exclusive matte clear with Torch Iridium pairs. All BNIB and unworn. $110 ($OLD) each for the Catalyst and Latch ($OLD) . $130 for the Triggerman ($OLD). Take all 3 for $330. Shipping to CONUS and PayPal fees included in price. International shipping will be extra. No trades.
  13. U

    Sold SGH Exclusive Matte Clear Ruby Iridium Holbrook

    BNIB Sunglass Hut exclusive matte clear ruby iridium Holbrook. $170 ($OLD) shipped to CONUS, Paypal fees included in price. International shipping will be extra. No trades. *will throw in a USA flag lanyard
  14. nixtron1

    Oakley Store-Exclusive T-Shirt

    I'm looking for other Store-Exclusive T-shirts. I already have from NY (Statue of Liberty in Red Frogskins design) and Las Vegas (What happens in Vegas... design). Are there any other cities which have this kind of T-Shirt, maybe from LA, Chicago, Boston, etc.? I'm from Toronto and went to...
  15. U

    For Sale $95 Pilgrim Beams Frogskins

    Got 4 pairs, all BNIB and complete, $95 shipped to CONUS PayPal F&F or add the 4%. No trades.