eye jackets

  1. Ackoslash

    Eye Jackets Revival

    Does anybody think that Oakley may one day bring back the iconic Eye Jackets?
  2. U

    Sold New Eye Jacket joker w/ gold iridium SKU: 04-311 + metal dispay #SOLD

    Hello all I want sell one of my new eye jackets, joker with gold iridium lenses, don't have use, ever exposed in my tower, all is perfect, the lenses have one or two cleaning marks but very slow and superficial, for si no affect the vision, and is veto difficult to get in the pics. The metal...
  3. U

    Sold Eye jackets parts " New condition "

    Hello All I have these parts brand new, For Eye Jacket 1.0. (L) left arm (R) right arm (F) front frame part ----------------- Available: Cheetah: 5 (L) 8 (R) Ivory/Straight 7 (L) 5 (R) Gold X 4 (L) 1 (R) Fuel 2 (L) 2 (R) Finguerprint 2(L) 2 (R) Pearl 2 (L) 4 (R) And 2 (F) Electric mustard 1...