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    Sold  JUPITER FACTORY LITE (OO4066-04) Brushed O-luminum / Ice Iridium Polarized -LNIB

    For Sale is a pair of Factory Carbon Lites. This model has the silver brushed aluminum (O-luminum) frame with silver carbon fiber ear stems, a blue icon and strips of unobtanium at the back of the stems. The hinges are metal and sturdy. The lenses are ice iridium polarized - The polarized ice...
  2. GlobalElite01

    Oakley Money Clip

    Hey everyone! I just found out about this and immediately made my account today! This is my first post! Just some random intro info since this is my first post: I have been a huge fan of Oakley since I was 5 my dad got the Jordan Romeos and wouldn't let me touch them. Got my...
  3. U

    Trading  Looking For Holiday Carabiner

    Looking for a holiday carbon fiber carabiner. Must be complete with the outer and inner box, coin, and authenticity card. Don't care what number it is, that's irrelevant to me. Got these pairs for trade, note though I'm not trading all of these, just to give you an idea of what I have. PM if...