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    For Sale  Bnib Four S White w/ blue lenses

    Hello OFamily for sale other bnib four s withe frame with blue lenses, all is new, complete and perfect with out any defect, came with box papers bag and the glasses. Sku: 03-379 Lenses 10/10 Frame 10/10 Price $100 allin, shipping with tracking number and total insurance included...
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    Four / Mag Four HDO?

    Hey everyone, first post! I've been lurkin' for some time now and believe I've finally gained enough Oakley knowledge to be somewhat useful to this community. I'm wondering if anyone knows the approximate year Oakley began implementing their HDO technology in all their lenses, I have a pair of...
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    Sold  2 BNIB Four S white w/ blue SKU: 03-379 & Black w/ Fire SKU: 03-380

    Hello family ;) For sale this 2 BNIB Four S 1) white frame with blue Iridium lenses 2) Black with Fire Iridium lenses Price 115 usd each 200 both ( Allin G&s paypal ) Thanks For look.