1. U

    Buying  Frogs w/ USA flag icons

    Looking for this frogs: Reasonable price. I can't buy straight from the SI website.
  2. karimo

    Any info about this 2 Frogskins (China Team and Jpn Gold Flakes)

    I have this pairs that I think are Asian Fit. One is "China Team" and the other is "Jpn Gold Flakes". I bought them last year at my local Sunglass hut. Any info about them would help, like how many were produced? are they hard to find? Value? Nop planning to sell at the time.
  3. U

    For Sale  Gen 2 Frogskins

    (2) Paris of Gen 2 Frogskins Crystal Black w/ +Red Each orbital has a small stress line on the bottom outside area The left arm’s top hinge has a stress line Lenses have no serious scratches, they have the typical hairline wear you’d expect for a daily wear pair, the iridium finish is more...
  4. U

    Buying  Box for Antifreeze Frogs

    Just like the title says. Help! Thanks y'all!
  5. U

    Sold  More stuff but cheaper.

    Hunter orange cerakote frogs with violet. 99 Carbon fiber grey 95 Distress mint and yellow black polar. 120 Green camo dip. With jade 110. Thanks again for looking.
  6. U


    Rasta frogs black Iridium 125 Graffiti frogs sapphire 110 obo Chameleon Racers positive red 120 obo Gummy bears positive red 125 Prices are always negotiable as you know me. Thanks for checkin it out.. I have a bunch more to post this afternoon. About 8 or so more. Brian/soulful
  7. Rhymes

    Worth $800? No SKU?

    Oakley Original Incredibly Rare First Edition Frogskins Crystal Blue/ Blue Irid. | eBay Are these in fact rare? Im trying to figure out what exactly they are. I asked the seller what the model number was. His reply was- "Back then they didn't have SKU numbers, we used descriptions and part...