1. Jay-Da

    For Sale Fuel Cell - Granite Frame

    I have a brand new Granite Fuel Cell Frame for sale. Frame is honestly awesome, the little silver sparkles make this frame really stand out in the sun. I bought this off another member but unfortunately Fuel Cells don't fit my face well. I held on to them for a long time because I couldn't...
  2. F

    For Sale Infinite Hero Bundle - Custom Batwolf, Carbon Fuel Cell, Coin, Etc.

    Up for sale is what I believe to be an Infinite Hero collector's must-have bundle. I would like to sell the whole lot together and am not looking for any trades. I'm asking $500 for all items listed below and am firm on my price at this time. Album First up, we've got the prized possession of...
  3. Fernando

    For Sale Mint Fuel Cell polished white - Italy icon w/ black iridium

    hello Of for sale this awesome fuel cell Italy icons in polished withe frame with black iridium lenses, all is oem and mint, came complete with the matching box and the Italy bag. SKU: OO9096-16 Frame 9,5/10 Lenses 9,5/10 Price $130 allin OBO Paypal g&s ( PayPal fees&shipping with tracking...
  4. Fernando

    For Sale Bnib Fuel Cell ALINGHI special edition - Polished Grey w/ Black Iridium Polarized

    Helll OFamily for sale this awesome fuel cell ALINGHI special edition polished grey frame with black iridium lenses, is new with out defect and complete with the Alinghi card, the mf-bag, garante papers and all. SKU: OO9096-10 All is 10/10 new. Price $250 $230 allin Paypal g&s ( PayPal...
  5. Frogskins


  6. karimo

    For Sale Love & Hate TLD Fuel cell

    Selling my TLD Love & Hate Fuel cell. New without box. 100% perfect Original Love & Hate pouch bag included, no box or papers. SOLD
  7. Dullisc

    Sold or Trade IH Fuel Cell with IH Square O Eyewear Hard Case

    CONUS IH Fuel Cell - [OO9096-36] - Frame is in good condition. The arms are a little loose but still remain open when extended. The lenses are Oakleys Violet Iridium [41-860] not the IH lens...The IH lens was not sold to me with the frame when I purchased it. IH Sunglass bag is also included...
  8. hockeyguy

    Sold Molon Labe Fuel Cell

    SI Fuel Cell, Matte Black with Black Iridium Lenses. This is the Molon Labe version with the chrome Subdued Flag. Asking $70 plus shipping.
  9. BoostBear

    For Sale or Trade: Fuel Cell Clear - Violet

    8.5/10 Condition; a couple light hairlines marks on the lens. Not really my cup of tea anymore, recently found them cleaning after being misplaced for quite some time. $75 Shipped CONUS $65 Shipped CONUS $50 Shipped CONUS SOLD SOLD SOLD Trades of interest M Frame Heater Lens Mainlink |...
  10. hockeyguy

    Sold IH Fuel Cell

    IH Fuel Cell for sale, no box just micro and frame. These were just a shelf pair honestly can’t even remember if I had ever worn them. No frame marks or lens scratches. Asking $60 plus ship, no trades please.
  11. Jay-Da

    Sold Fuel Cell Lenses - Tungsten Iridium

    I have a pair of Tungsten Iridium replacement lenses for the Fuel Cell. They are brand new, never used. Asking $40 with free shipping in CONUS.
  12. Eternalgomer

    Sold TACA Fuel Cell with Black Iridium Polarized

    We have the TACA Fuel Cell with Black Iridium Polarized lenses. Frames are in great shape however the lens are showing the beginning signs of delamination in the corner, otherwise no scratches. Asking for $60 includes shipping and hard case- US Only
  13. L5072

    Deal Brand new fuel cell

    Just picked up this set yesterday in the mail after buying them from Oakley SI. Tried them on and just don’t like them on me- I’m a xmetal guy- anyways matte black fuel cell with grey lens- brand new from Oakley SI. Looking to get what I paid for them. Asking $100. Figure after shipping and...
  14. brjn1988

    For Sale Limited Ed. Fuel Cells among others!

    Hey all, I'm looking to thin out my collection a bit: London Fuel Cell OO9096-58 w/ bag and box---- 9/10 barley worn, no significant scratches or marks on frame. Polished black does tend to show more marks than usual IMO. Very little if any marks or scratches on lenses. $110 Ducati Fuel Cell...
  15. EchoOne30

    Trading Fuel Cell - violet iridium clear frames - trade for dark frame Fuel Cells

    They were a gift a few years ago. I’m not into the clear frames. Looking to straight trade for dark frame fuel cell. Lens tint does not matter, as I have BIP lenses ready to put in. Doesn’t have to be black per se, just a darker color.
  16. Xformr

    Sold $old Fuel Cell Matte Black/ OO BIP Breast Cancer edition 9096-80

    Im listing these for a friend. Lightly used Breast Cancer edition Fuel Cells. Matte black, breast cancer pink icon, OO Black Iridium Polarized lenses Frames are in fantastic shape. There are some minor surface scratches on the lower corner of the left lens just above the etching, but aren't in...
  17. C

    Fuel Cells

    Hi all, I am looking to start to expand my collection a little bit more and have decided that my main pieces will be fuel cells. I have a couple already such as the Ferrari, the NYC, Infinite Hero camo and the 2015 MLB All Star game. Can anyone help me with some sought after fuel cells as far...
  18. battleborn

    Sold Fuel Cells - MPH BIP & ACU Green

    Selling two pairs of Fuel Cells MPH Camo BIP. Basically brand new. Only worn two times since purchasing last month. Comes with bag, box, and frames. SOLD ACU Green with gray lenses. Comes with bag and a Fuel Cell box (from another pair). The frames are an 8.5-9/10 and lenses are...
  19. Mark Southwell

    Buying Canvas Fuel Cell Microfiber Bag

    As title says I have a set but missing the MF bag, if anyone has one they are willing to part with at a reasonable price (picture below for illustration) Thanks
  20. The_Darkone

    Sold ***Price Drop***OCP Eagle Fuel Cell $55

    Selling a never worn perfect condition OCP Eagle Fuel Cell w/ American Flag no lenses just frame. Asking $55 USD PayPal G&S shipped CONUS First Class Mail. No trades or International shipping. Please see attached pictures or let me know if any additional pictures are needed.
  21. olly4321

    For Sale Oakley SPT Fuel Cell Sunglass SUPER LIMITED

    Here we have a pretty much brand new pair of the Oakley Snow Park Technologies Fuel Cell. 20 Pairs were made for an Oakley party celebrating the National Geographic show "Mountain Movers". The sunglass is a polished black frame with a printed stem, grey polarized lens with the SPT logo etched...
  22. The_Darkone

    Sold Daniel Defense Ultrablend Black w/ BIP Lenses LNIB

    I have a pair of DD Fuel Cells Ultrablend Black w/ Grey lenses complete LNIB only displayed. Please see pictures below and if you need more let me know. Price is $135 PayPal G&S Shipped CONUS. Only shipping in the USA sorry to International folks.
  23. The_Darkone

    Sold ****Price Drop****James Dietz Fuel Cell LNIB

    I have a pair of James Dietz Fuel Cell Dark Grey w/ Grey lenses complete LNIB only displayed. Please see pictures below and if you need more let me know. Price is $100 PayPal G&S Shipped CONUS. Only shipping in the USA sorry to International folks.
  24. The_Darkone

    Sold ****Price Drop****75th Ranger Fuel Cell LNIB

    I have a pair of 75th Ranger Fuel Cell Matte Black w/ Grey lenses complete LNIB only displayed. Please see pictures below and if you need more let me know. Price is $100 PayPal G&S Shipped CONUS. Only shipping in the USA sorry to International folks.
  25. Professor Oak

    Goodbye Ferrari Collection, Hello BMW.

    As some of you may already know, Luxottica has ripped the Ferrari contract away from Oakley to give it to Ray Ban.:headbang:So if there were any Ferrari Edition Oakley's you wanted to get your hands on, you might want to get them soon. Personally I was a big fan of the Ferrari Collection as I am...
  26. sporter804

    Buying Hawaii Fuel Cell

    Looking for a pair of the Hawaii Fuel cells. Appreciate any help!
  27. B

    Fuel Cell Lense SKU List?

    Hello Everybody, Does anyone have a complete lense list with SKU's for the Fuel Cell? I have been searching all day and can't find one. In particular I'm looking for the SKU for Tungsten Iridium Polarized lenses. Oakley website doesn't have the replacements listed and all I found was a sketchy...
  28. MEACRO

    Sold BNIB TLD Piston Bone Fuel Cell

    Hi Guys, I have a BNIB TLD Piston Bone Fuel Cell for sale. Price includes CONUS shipping & PayPal Fee's. SOLD No holds or trades. Thanks for taking a look!
  29. Lars

    Ev Zero custom

    Who is exited about the Ev Zero being added to custom? I think I have to order me a pair with chrome iridium lens. Maybe white with violet lens, so many options. I altso saw they added the new camo frames in the Fuel cell. What are you guys exited about wit this custom addition?