1. U

    For Sale Donation station

    Haven’t done one in a while, and I did open my big fat mouth about giving it away if it didn’t sell... true to my word I give thee a Black sliver round... you know what to do! 1. Batman 2. Oak prime 3. Code 4. 4-7 5. Fox 6. Mr magoo 7. BladeZ 8. OakleyOCD 9. Geo 10.crazyaboutmyX 11. Blonde...
  2. delarscuevas

    Giveaway: A Twenty for your story

    Just for fun, let's see what happens. :) I've got this old XX lying around. 04-580, Jet Black / Ruby Iridium. Frame is good, needs new rubbers and lenses. . I'm going to give it away to the person who posts the best story regarding this XX. About how this reminds you of somebody, about how...