gmt stealth black

  1. THISGUY25

    Are Oakley GMT and Jury Links the Same?

    Does anyone know if the Polished Black GMT and the Stealth Black GMT have the same finish? Are they both ION plated? Were there variations in the coloring? I just picked up a GMT stealth and the coloring looks a little lighter than my Polish Black. Kind of like a faded black which is cool. Just...
  2. U

    Found  Any links for a gmt black stealth watch?

    Looking for any links for gmt stealth black watch band.
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    Sold  .

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    Sold  GMT Stealth Black 350$

    GMT Stealth Black It is working normally. The glass surface looks with the naked eye and there is no scratch. GMT function, alarm function, date function, etc., it operates normally. Accessory: It included a new Oakley watch soft vault. Attention: 17.5 cm wrist circumference. 430$ 410$ 390$...