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    Sold  GMT Watches

    Up for sale are some GMT watches. All watches are in great shape and price includes shipping in the continental US. The polished and the Ion plated show a little more signs of wear but still in great shape. Hone with blue: $375 SOLD Honed with white: $375 SOLD Polished with black: $325 SOLD...
  2. N

    Is this Oakley GMT Legit?

    I bought this gmt a week ago at some thrift store and was wondering if it is legit it also came without the box and paperwork. I knew nothing about the watch I just loved the design and started wanting to learn more about it.
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    Buying  Buying various oakley watches: Blade / GMT / Minute Machines / Hollowpoints

    Looking for all blade / MM / GMT / hollowpoint watches Especially interested in: Blade with metal strap - red / silver GMT silver / Stealth MM - yellow / red Hollowpoint - any Also interested in parts for oakley blades / GMTs : straps (metal only) / links / faces / rubber bits Looking to buy...
  4. F

    Oakley GMT epson movement

    ive been digging in trying to fix my old watch.movement is done but i found some alternative movement but im not sure if it can work.any watch mechanics out here would be interesting to hear
  5. U

    For Sale  Oakley Watch Collection

    I’m going to be selling most of my watch collection, with the exception of my GMT & Time Tank. I’m in the east, in the UK. I’m going to make a video of each of my watches I intend to part with so you all can see every little detail, but I’m making this post so I remember to come back and update...
  6. U

    For Sale  Let’s make a deal!! Oakley watch collection all must go

    I've been selling my brother's Oakley watch collection for him. This is what’s left, and EVERYTHING MUST GO. Each watch has discounted asking prices, not including shipping. All available watches are pictured with labels below. All watches are in used as is condition unless otherwise noted, but...
  7. ChinoTJ

    NIB GMT watch

    I want to expand and share the history behind this watch that i picked up today. It all started when i got my Plasma Juliets and when i whent to look for the nosebomb that was missing on them, being there i got to talk Oakleys whith the mánager of the store and he told me that if i also like...
  8. MongooseBlanco

    GMT Movement Part Number / Availablity

    @Ironranger88 I figured I’d move this discussion to a new thread. The movement is in fact an Epson Y185B, and I haven’t been able to find one :-/
  9. THISGUY25

    Are Oakley GMT and Jury Links the Same?

    Does anyone know if the Polished Black GMT and the Stealth Black GMT have the same finish? Are they both ION plated? Were there variations in the coloring? I just picked up a GMT stealth and the coloring looks a little lighter than my Polish Black. Kind of like a faded black which is cool. Just...
  10. Lars

    A couple watches today.

    Got me these two today. The black time bomb fits but I should get one more link. The GMT I need a few links for. So if anyone has any for sale please pm me.
  11. U

    Buying  GMT, Holeshot and time bomb links

    Now I am looking for Holeshot band and Bracelet please pm me with what you got. Can always work out a trade if that is wanted. Hi I am in need of a few GMT links. Or complete bracelet. Please pm me with what you got. Pickture to show colour. Can also trade even for Time bomb F serial links.
  12. U

    For Sale  Oakley GMT - Ion Plated Black Stainless Steel with White Face

    Looking to sell an Oakley GMT. Casing is Ion Plated Black Stainless Steel with a White face. The watch is used and does show signs of wear. Tried my best to capture in the pictures. New battery has been installed in the watch; fully functional. Watch will include case and additional links...
  13. S

    GMT polished black/white face

    I really like this timepiece but unfortunately one of the screws has broken and dropped out where the strap fixes to the case at the back. I have sent the watch to oakley for repair but because it is discontinued they were unable to do it because of no parts. Can anyone please help me in finding...
  14. U

    For Sale  GMT white SKU: 10-140 (Used)

    Looking at moving this watch out of collection to make more room. More of a non shelf watch wearer, or trying to be. Asking 225.00. Used and as far as i can see no major marks. Not new but looks good. Just not keen on the smaller size. I think the Doubletap and 12 gauge spoiled me. couple...
  15. U

    Buying  GMT watch

    Want to buy in top shape,but I am willing to consider other condition as well -depend on price tag. I prefere Polished version,but shoot me with what you got. International shipping only. many thanks
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    For Sale  HQ Bunker $235 / Polished GMT Watch $230 / Dog Tag Bottle Openers $60

    Selling HQ Bunker #152, BNIB only taken out for pics. Also got 6 dog tag bottle openers, all BNIB. $235 (TRADED) for the bunker and $60 (ALL $OLD) each for the dog tags bottle openers. Prices include shipping to CONUS, payment to be made PayPal friends and family or add the 4% for fees...