1. XM-I

    OG T-wire

    Acquired from @Japanese Jellyfish, these are pair that I had been wanting since they were first released on the mid-90’s. A definitive grail for me, and whilst I still have other grails yet to be claimed; this is one that is closer to my heart. I digress, thanks Max!
  2. cacatman

    🦘What’s the Longest Time You’ve Waited to Acquire a Grail?

    What’s the longest time you’ve ever waited before being able to purchase your Grail? How long and what was it? @Steven Goldberg is still waiting after 7 years for his FMJ watch!!! It took me 4 years to find a Freeman Transport Jawbone.
  3. Sir Rossi


    The search is finally over. The snipe has been hunted. My wallet has been emptied. This is my first big purchase ever and I'm a little weak in the knees. No ragrets tho.