1. H

    Oakley Rx Transistor Frames - Hinge Repair

    Hi all, apologies if this is the wrong forum for this question - My Rx glasses are fairly old Oakley Transistor frames and today the thin, curved (J/hook shaped) hinge piece connecting the arm to the frame finally gave way. I am hoping to repair that piece myself, but I've found that I can't...
  2. theclub27

    Looking to fix my Oakley Spike Hinges.

    Looking to fix my Oakley Spike Hinges. They just fall and are so loose. The screw is tightened all the way.. Originally these arms would not touch the lens, but there was a small bump that prevented this, but that got worn off. I think that was an issue with these. Any ideas would help...
  3. BoostBear

    X-Squared Orbital Ear Stem Stop Broke?

    This is a bit of PSA for those of you who own XS to check your orbital's ear stem stoppers, if they're creased or full-on chipped off. As you'll see with the stopper broken the arm folds past the intended distance which may pose a problem with the temple tip scratching the inside of the lens...
  4. PapaBear970


    So after almost a decade of heavy use, it's time to refurbish my XSquared frames. Already found authentic HDO polarized lenses from the Oakley site and T6 orbital short screws. Anyone know where to find authentic rubbers in color? Specifically root beer? ALSO, looking for the T6 temple hinge...
  5. P

    Real or Fake First Generation Frogskins?

    I recently picked up these Oakley Frogskins from a second hand store. I've heard about the first generation Frogskins that were made in Japan and I'm hoping they're authentic. What do you think?
  6. jdd32

    Half-x replacement hinges

    Yes, the bane of x-metals and their dreaded hinges now may have a possible route to resurrection. I've spoken with a few manufacturers and due to the non-standard design of these OEM hinges, only 1 shop came back with a possible solution. It'd be either a non-flex metal hinge or a flexible...