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    For Sale  3 Oakley M Frame hybrid lenses (smoke, clear, G30 vented iridium rose), 3 nose pieces and Oakley Array case

    More pics here: PICS! I'm selling the Oakley stuff I don't want to use or hold onto anymore. They are in good condition; I tried to get pictures of all angles as best I could. I am saying this only to cover me in case my eyes have failed me as I've gotten older, but the lenses all have very...
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    67 or Old Hybrid (M frame/Mumbo)

    Is this lens Mumbo 67 or old hybrid lens?
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    Mag M Lens - What is a good price?

    Hi everyone! I've been combing through my Oakley collection and found my old Mag M's but the lens are scratched up. I was looking to buy a new lens but there's not too many options out there. I was looking for a hybrid black iridium. What would you say is a good price for a lens? Please help!
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    For Sale  M Frame Repl Lens and Rubber - bnib

    For sale is two M Frame replacement lenses and an earsock / nosepiece kit. Everything is bnib and unused. Lenses have not been mounted. Price includes shipping US, paypal. Lens 1 - Black Iridium, Hybrid $55 Lens 2 - Persimmon, Strike $35 Earsock / Nosepiece Kit - Black $15 x3 2...
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    For Sale  Original M-Frame OEM replacement lenses - LAST & ONLY CHANCE

    Brand new, old stock lenses for M-Frames. This is the last and only chance offer from my Oakley connections before they're written off and destroyed forever Offer ends in 48 hours from this post date. Limited quantities, first come first served. Most lenses come in original retail packaging...