1. Tomcat14

    Official Fakes/Possible Fakes Apparel, Accessories and Goggles Inquiry Thread (ARE THESE FAKE? POST FAKES HERE)

    This thread serves as the consolidated area to inquire whether your Oakley's are fake, potential fakes or real. Post your pictures and include any relevant details.
  2. P

    HELP- Goggle Identification

    I bought a pair of these goggles from an Oakley retail store about 6 years ago. I need to replace the lenses and am unable to identify the exact goggle I have. Any help is appreciated!
  3. S

    Trying to identify this pair of sunglasses

    Hey everyone, just curious if anyone here can identify these sunglasses. It looks like they are Oakley‘s but I could be wrong maybe they aren’t. thanks!
  4. S

    Need Help Identifying What Model Oakley Sunglasses Thread

    This thread will serve as the consolidated thread for identifying what Oakley Sunglasses you may have. I've had a few pairs of oakleys in the past. X_metals which I loved but sold as they looked great in the box but terrible on my face, some frameless ones (why 2.0s I think??) and my all time...
  5. K

    Can anyone identify this hoodie?

    Is this Oakley? I found this red hoodie in the McLaren Grand Grix Driver documentary SE01EP03, 2017. Fernando wore this in this episode, I think it should be Oakley as Fernando Alonso was sponsored by Oakley at that period. He was also wearing an Oakley write t-shirt and pants at the same time...
  6. M

    Help Identifying Goggles

    Hi all (new to the forums here) I've had these goggles for several years, and I'm looking at replacing the lens. I think they're A Frame goggles, but I'd love help confirming them. Also, would A Frame 2.0 Lenses fit if this is in fact an A Frame? Thanks
  7. H

    Oakley lens identification help

    Greetings! I am looking for some help identifying which frames these replacements lenses fit. I found them in a zipper hard shell case with 5 different sets. Thanks!
  8. K

    Hi there. Looking for help identifying a couple of frames

    Hi there, I'm hoping that someone might be able to help - have been doing some cleaning out, and came across these, which were bought quite some time back. All we know is that our current optician can't help with re-lensing the ladies pair. Any advice very gratefully received.
  9. D

    Help identifying backpack (is it real or fake?)

    I’m new here... just stopped in to ask your expert advice. I picked this up at a yard sale for the purpose of reselling. I can’t find a comp online and I’m wondering if it’s fake. Thoughts?
  10. T

    Frame Identification

    I need to identify these frames to replace the lenses. Can anyone help?
  11. P

    Help identify my Oakley please!

    Hi! A few years ago my dad gave me an Oakley which used to be his. Found it gathering dust in a drawer and decided to give it a new life by buying new lenses. I just need to know if it is genuine and if so, which model it is. Any help is greatly appreciated! Here are the 3 pictures: Imgur
  12. N


    I am inquiring as to model / make for replacement lens purposes. Thanks! ️ (New to navigating this site)
  13. xotu

    Are replacement lenses available for Oakley 1990s M Frame?

    I am happy to have found a forum of Oakley aficionados - hopefully you folks can help he answer a question I have: I've got a pair of glasses that I bought, I dunno, maybe 10 years ago. Maybe 15 years ago. They were packed away in a box in my attic for a long time following a move. I used to...
  14. K

    Help please identifying these old Oakley frames

    Please help me to identify what frame these Oakley sunglasses are. They are probably about 10 years old. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  15. S

    Help with Identification...

    Can anyone tell me what kind of Oakley's these are? I've had them for at least 5 years or so. Probably longer if I really think about it. Help?
  16. S

    Need help identifying my Oakleys

    Hey everyone I just found a pair of Oakleys my mom bought me around 1999, I'm wanting to get replacement lenses for and I can't remember what model they are, any help would be great. Thanks
  17. M

    need help identifying old Oakleys circa 1996-2000

    I got these way back in college. Would like to get new lenses and rubber bits to keep them around. Anyone know what they are? I haven't found a square wire image that looks exactly like this.
  18. L

    Need help identifying

    Hello everyone. New member. I need help identifying a model of Oakley sunglasses from the early 90's. I have no other info on them other than the picture. Thanks for looking!