infinite hero juliet

  1. U

    Trading  Violet TS 15 and Small Nose Bombs

    Looking to trade IH Violet TS 15 for violet TS-25. Also IH small nose bombs for IH violet large nose bombs. Also, willing to trade any blue, red and green rubbers + cash for the above.
  2. U

    Sold  Back open - IH themed Titanium Penny & Julietu

    CONUS shipping. Penny Titanium Penny serial: PV012133 Nose: 8 Frame: 9+ goes very well with custom violet lenses (OEM). Lenses are essentially brand new as I used this as a display piece. Rubber is fantastic. IH-Themed Juliet No serial. @zwc0442 did the custom work. Dark purple arms and...
  3. U

    Found  Infinite Hero Juliet

    I am looking for a BNIB Infinite Hero Juliet for my collection. Will pay a fair price nothing outrageous. PM me.
  4. The_Darkone

    Stolen out of my backyard!!!

    Someone got a sweet deal on CL!!! Stole a pair of Infinite Hero Juliets complete from NC. Person on CL sold them for $100!!!!!! Who on here got them??? Come on and fess up :mad: This is war now. I've got to spend some time fine tuning my Craigslist skills so this doesn't happen again.
  5. ChaseU

    First pair of X Metals

    I really have no good excuse as to why I never purchased a pair of X Metals previously. I was even working at an Oakley retailer in college back in 1999 when they were released. Regardless, I just purchased these last week and they finally arrived today. I believe they belonged to a forum...