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    Buying Jawbones and RJs.. keep me in mind..

    Hi all I'm looking for unique colors of the frame. My home boy bought himself a wicked metallic brown the other day. If you see any or have any interesting ones that are out of the ordinary please think of me. Check out these 2. I'm kinda referring to pairs such as these or maybe somethin...
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    Chrome Iridium

    Is chrome iridium a good lens for bright sunny days? I want to buy a new pair of jawbreaker halo edition, it comes with chrome iridium lens. I know it is extremely flashy and also looks great from outside.
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    Traded Polished black Jawbone and Split Jacet to trade for Team Burnt Orange Jawbone, or Jawbone for matte

    looking to trade Polished Black Jawbone and polished black Splitjacket for Team Burnt Orange Jawbone. Also looking to trade Jawbones for matte black Jawbones if no takers for above. I'll pay shipping both ways.