juliet black iridium polarized

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    In the hunt for a pair of Juliet’s

    Hi All, Hector here from Texas! I’m looking to purchase my first pair of Juliet’s. Anybody here willing to help out a fellow Texan. Thanks!
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    PLEASE Help to see if these Oakleys X-Metal Juliet are Fake or Real

    Hi, I bought this pair of X-Metal Juliet at eBay … I would like to see if experts from this Forum can help me identify if what I bought is fake or real... I appreciate your help, thank you very much!
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    For Sale  Carbon Black Juliets / Black Iridium Polarized w/ Coin

    Selling 5th (maybe 6th?) Gen Carbon BIP Juliets (SN#04-149 5521) Bought brand new. Original owner for almost 10 years These are shelf whores. Worn 5-6 times. For many, the holy grail of Juliets and Oakley Xmetal. Frame = 9.75/10 Nose = 9.75/10 Lens = 10/10 (Actually a 10) Rubber = 10/10...
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    Deal  Juliet Black Iridium Polarized Lenses

    Looking to buy Juliet OEM black iridium polarized lenses (not custom cut). I would love them to be new but used in good condition also works. Please no custom cuts or aftermarket lenses. I bought a beater pair of carbon frames and I am restoring them back to its glory days. I have no...
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    Sold  Juliet x-metal complete! Custom Juliet price drop!!

    Hey everyone today I have a complete x-metal Juliet with matching box coin and papers and extra nose bombs and t-shocks! The frame has a fresh tune and new rubbers!! The lenses are bip but not fantastic . I'm asking $340.00 for these!! The next is a custom Juliet done in burnt bronze!! These...
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    Sold  Juliet - Carbon with Black Iridium Polarized - BNIB

    Got a friend looking to sell her BNIB Carbon with Black Iridium Polarized Juliet's. Looking for $475 shipped in the US. Please let me know if you have any questions.
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    Sold  First Generation Juliet X-Metal

    Have to let this one go.My first ever Juliet X-Metal. Serialized First Generation X-Metal Juliet J-Serial Frame: 8.5/10 Very nice with a few shiny areas only.Frame is straight and tight Nose Bridge : 10/10 Would say Factory tight!Few shiny areas atbthe back but front is scratch free i would...
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    Sold  used juliet x-metal/bip set

    for sale juliet x-metal/bip but the bip is mint and an aftermarket lens. original black iridium lens has too much scratches. the previous owner said the black iridium polarized were aftermarket but i forgot what brand and has the word "polarized" etched on the left lens. used them just a handful...
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    Juliet Polarized lenses

    Hi, I have 5yr old Juliet with polarized black iridium lens..im not sure if they are scratches or the coat is peeling off..but in any case the view isn't nice anymore. I checked yhe oakley website trying to check for replacment lens but cant see any, i rhink it has been phased out already. Do...