juliet lenses

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    Deal Juliet OEM Ruby Lenses(Used or New)

    Looking to complete an empty gen 1 Juliet frame. Lenses need to be usable but do not need to be perfect. Thanks in advance.
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    Sold CC Violet Juliet Lenses

    Juliet Violet Iridium Cut by Chris Hardaway Half Jacket 2.0 Donors comes with ziploc baggy w/ barcode sku label - no box. Have not been worn, although have been mounted once. $65 Shipped in CONUS May trade for: Jawbone lenses - 00 RIP, +RIP, -Red, +Red, JIP Jupiter Sq lenses - Ruby, +Red...
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    For Sale XS oobip , Juliet oobip ,Juliet blue iridium polarized

    Selling 4 sets of lenses. All new cuts never mounted. 2 Juliet OObip. 105$ each 1 Juliet blue iridium pol. 110$ Sold! 1 x-squared OObip 110$ Shipping flat 20$. All include a lens pouch! Not looking for trades , thanks for checking!
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    Sold Juliet VR28BIP (Black Iridium Polarized) OEM Non-Custom Cut Lens

    I have a set of these for sale with the box included - I will include pictures of the lenses shortly. They are brand new - never mounted. Price: $90 OBO PayPal G&S - Shipping Included I'll also throw in some scratched up BI juliet lenses that you can use for display or blow up @Trucker360.
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    Sold Juliet BI oem lenses

    just sold my last pair of juliets so need to move these new and unmounted OEM BI lenses. 2 sets for sale- $55 each set. CONUS preferred.
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    For Sale Polarized crosshair lenses. 8.75 base curve for x-metals.

    New Crosshair lenses that can be cut for most X-metals fit: XX, Romeo, Juliet, Penny, X-squared, Mars. Asking 80$ each set plus shipping 20$. Will include an oem lense pouch with two pockets for extra 5$ each. 2 emerald iridium polarized ( Sold out ) 2 ice iridium polarized ( both sold! ) 3...
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    Sold New OEM BI Juliet lenses $ 65

    As title says. Oem new and never mounted. I have 2 sets. $65 a set or $120 for both sets- CONUS only- not interested in trades
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    Sold Juliet oem Black iridium lenses

    As title says. Oem new and never mounted. I have 2 sets left. One box does say polorized but it's just BI. $65 a set - CONUS only- not interested in trades All pairs sold
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    Sold Beautiful 1st Gen Fire Juliet Lenses!

    Up for sale is a beautiful set of 1st gen fire Juliet lenses. These are the original deep red fire lenses that were only available in the first run plasma frames. Very difficult to find and the colour is unlike anything Oakley has produced since! I'm selling this set as I recently purchased a...
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    Sold Juliet Ducati accessories

    Alright here we go another shot at selling. I'm new at this so if I need to take better pictures or you have any tips feel free to let me know. Trying to make this as painless as possible. Juliet OEM Ducati etched lens, 2 "specks" on left lens in the corner closer to the nose piece (out of...
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    Sold 2 Sets of used BI Juliet Lenses

    Both sets are in great condition, they have normal wear but no major scratches that affect vision. Would sell both sets for $50 or individually for $30. Price includes shipping CONUS.
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    Deal Custom Cut violet iridium

    Just posting a deal thread between @InfiniteHero and myself. He cut me a set of violet iridium polar lenses for a juliet. Turned up today and they look great.