1. U

    For Sale zcrxsi's 3D Printed X-Metal Glorifier

    Up for sale is a custom 3D printed X-Metal Glorifier with coin display (printed to order). I have 40+ colors available to choose from $40 each + shipping Shipping is a minimum $5 (CONUS) PayPal G&S. If you order multiples and the shipping exceeds $5, you’ll just pay the...
  2. tuzobiker

    My XMetals

    These are my XMetals... and my short but long history: In the 2000, when I saw James Marsden wear the XMetal for de first XMen movie, I wished immediately... but that were stundent times and I had to wait to end my career and start to job to get a pair of Juliet. I bought the Juliet frame...
  3. U

    Sold XS Earsocks + Juliet Kit

    Selling both as a pack ! I have a set of XS Earsocks in excellent condition and a Juliet rubber set in new condition. Juliet nosebombs will fit XS frames $55 shipped CONUS
  4. U

    For Sale X-Metals (R1, R1J, Mars, Penny, Juliet)

    Here's a list I don't mind letting go, it's about 1/3rd of my collection. I bought them all this year, so I most likely overpaid, and they'll stay in my collection if I can't sell for what I have in them. Kindly move along if you don't like the price and find the right pair within your price...
  5. U

    Sold X-metal package (Romeo 1 with serial, Juliet with serial)

    Hey guys, Selling a little X-metal package. Not looking to split up unless it all goes. I have a Romeo 1 with positive red custom lenses. They aren’t in great shape but still useable. It is serialized and has a coin and bag but no box. Serial: 044094 Also included is a Juliet in X-metal also...
  6. U

    Sold Juliet plasma ice with out nose bridge 4gen

    Hello OF for sale this Juliet plasma ice 4gen need the nose bridge or for spare parts, it is in very good condition, one of the lenses has a couple of marks but it is very little as seen in the photos Frame 8/10 Lenses 8/10 Price $180 allin ( $35 for the Shipping with tracking number and...
  7. Oneninesixtwo

    Juliet xmen

    Is there any reason why the only considered as xmen released was <5000 ? and how much are they selling for nowadays? Thanks in advance.
  8. stuss

    A set of Oakley juliet Light Grey tint Lenses

    Hi Could anyone on OF, help with finding a set of OEM custom cut Lenses I am from UK if anyone could pm, myself with a cost including postage. Light Grey Lenses, not (Mirrored) To fit a Mint pair of Juliets. @Chris A Hardaway Any help truly appreciated
  9. xmetal40

    Rearranging office

  10. P

    Sandblasted or Polished?

    Hi Guys! I’m new to Oakley and I found XMetal my choice of collection and I want to hear your opinions guys. I got this Juliet Hammerhead Polished with a JG serial number and it badly needs overhaul and have lots of scratches. Should I have it sandblasted or retain to its serial’s model?
  11. U

    Sold Oakley Juliet 2nd Gen Plasma Fire

    For sale is my 2nd gen Oakley Juliets. Originally fire lenses however they were scratched when I acquired these shades so I decided to replace the rubbers with an aftermarket kit & the lenses with red ones. The serial number on the temple is P085928A. I will include an Oakley microfibre bag...
  12. weshardeniv

    My Growing X-Metal Collection

    Decided to house my X-Metals in an Oakley Strongbox, that I put a Stark Industries name plate on.
  13. Alternative

    Got a Juliet from Steve Goldberg

    Always wanted to add a Juliet with hammerstems to my small collection (will post later) and I bought one from Steve. Happy with the purchase, wish he had the G30 lenses, but I may just put prescription lenses on these. Thanks Steve for the extra rubbers.
  14. U

    Sold New Oakley Ducati Juliet X-Metal w/ Black Iridium + RX X-Metal Soft Vault and rare cardboard box

    I have a X-Metal Ducati Juliet for sale. The serialized frame was worn two or three times with RX lenses. Lenses were built back to the original Ducati etched Black Iridium lenses which were never used - so they are new! Nosebridge is tight! Package includes replacement rubbers, coin, bag and...
  15. U

    Sold Juliet Polished Frame

    Juliet Polished w/ Hammerstems No SKU No Lenses Frame is in like new condition Rubbers are mint (will include nosebombs of your choice Small or Large) Comes with all screws and gaskets $OLD Shipped CONUS
  16. U

    Sold Polished Juliets with Hammerstems

    Polished Juliets with original hammerstems with serial. Black iridium lenses in excellent condition. Will include soft vault.
  17. thepostman

    Help on LC for Juliet Finito

    Hi everyone, what's good? can someone help with legit check on these Juliet Finito, i been dealing with this guy from my city (Sao Paulo Brazil) he send me this pictures i heard they serial go at 1000 But this have a higher number FINITO001137: what y'all thought? thanks
  18. U

    Buying Juliet polished straight stems in great condition

    Looking for polished straight stems in great condition for my polished Juliets. Thanks
  19. BloMe421

    Give it to me straight, is there hope?

    My beloved Juliet’s were accosted by my limited budget, substandard lens purchase, and carelessness. The right orbital screw will no longer bite thread. Does anyone have some ideas/advice about this? I’m pretty sure the threads in the tapped screw hole have been sheared off. I am not a...
  20. V10BEETLE

    Anybody have experience with this seller?

    Been looking for sideblinders for my Mars and was referred to this guy. I'm not familiar with him so I just wanted to see if anyone else has had any deals with him before I send money off. I've had a few rough experiences in the past and I want to make sure he's not just using someone else's...
  21. U

    Sold Juliet Ruby Lenses

    Hello OF I have this beautiful set of ruby iridium lenses with purple hue in the middle New condition! 8.75 BC Cut from Flak 2.0 Comes with box and pouch $OLD Shipped CONUS
  22. U

    For Sale Juliet Plasma 2nd GEN JIXXXXXXA

    For sale my Juliet Plasma 2nd GEN, Ive owned this pair for over 15 years. Aftermarket rubber and polarized lenses, nose bridge will need a tune up. Located in CONUS $280
  23. Iainmcm

    Reading glasses lenses for T Wires

    Hi there, l have just bought a great pair of mint T Wires on eBay and was thinking of using the frames but with reading glasses lenses. Does anyone know of an optician who can customize reading glasses lenses to fit T Wires, E Wires or even Juliets? I’m based in Singapore so global shipping is...
  24. SolarOracle

    BNIB Juliet Ducati Sealed

    Tracked down one of these Juliet Ducati Sealed locally.. no hard sell so I grabbed the opportunity
  25. M

    Juliet on my wide head...

    I have had my Romeo 1 frame for about 20 years and love it, been wearing it the whole time. Picked up a pair of X-Metal XX in November and they are a bit snug and don't fit as nicely as the Romeo. I picked up a pair of Juliet last week and man, they are SMALL! The need the nose bridge tuned...
  26. M

    New Juliet Frame

    Just picked up this thrashed Juliet Frame and I was pleasantly surprised that it is not complete garbage. Yes, the nose bridge is super loose and needs the rubber replaced and the lenses are also going to have to be replaced, they are not original, but the frame is in pretty good shape. I went...
  27. U

    For Sale Sideblinder

    durable material sideblinder, available for double x and juliet One pair 16u$ more shipping cost Teen pairs 100u$ more shipping cost Here are some pictures, I have lenses, rubber kits and microfiber bags too
  28. U

    Sold Juliet 3rd Gen Plasma w/ Ice Polarized Lenses

    Happy Black Friday Oakley Forum! Selling a 3rd Gen Plasma Juliet with Ice polarized lenses. Tuned these up some time ago, new rubbers all around (incl flex coupler). Frame has a few marks, but still clean over all. One small, light scratch on the right lens (does not effect vision). Comes with...
  29. T

    sideblinder for Juliet

    a few more pairs of sideblinder arrived for juliet available for sale 10 Pairs by 100u$ 1 pair by 15u$ All colors available
  30. T

    Juliet sideblinder