1. U

    Sold Juliet Polished with Emerald

    Up for sale is a pair of Juliets with polished frame and emerald lens. These were purchased through the custom program around 2006-07 so the frame has no serial. Both frame and lens are in great shape. I could not find any marks on the lens. Comes with Oakley Custom box and microfiber bag...
  2. R

    New here!

    I just bought a used pair of Juliet’s, and I’m looking for a reputable person or business to change the rubber in nose piece because it’s very loose. Preferably in Canada because I live in Saskatoon SK Canada. I’m a little nervous about sending my glasses off.
  3. U

    For Sale Lot of 4 Juliet Replacement Lenses [Polarized Elite Revant + Polarized Pro Fuse][Cheap!!!!!!$$$$$$$]

    have this lot of 4 juliet replacement lenses kicking around that maybe somebody could make use of. all excellent used condition with some edge markings from insertion. lenses are very very clean. [1] Revant Elite Polarized Midnight Sun [Fruby] [1] Revant Elite Polarized Fire Red [Ruby] [1]...
  4. S

    Oakley Juliet Repair/Restoration

    Hey guys, New here, so hoping for some helpful info. I've got two pairs of Juliet Oakleys I'd like to repair (new lenses and rubbers), where is the best place for quality/genuine parts for this model? Also, I've seen the Oakley X-Man posting on here, within the last few days - is he still...
  5. U

    For Sale X-Metal repair tool

    Used it once to rebuild my Mars. Thought I would start doing repairs for others but decided there's too much risk so I don't need it anymore. Asking $60 shipping included. U.S. Only
  6. U

    For Sale X-Metal repair tool

    Used it once to rebuild my Mars. Thought I would start doing repairs for others but decided there's too much risk so I don't need it anymore. Asking $60 shipping included. U.S. only
  7. louiebasilio

    About my 2003 Juliets

    Need help and proper direction. I have a 2003 Juliet and i need it repaired. I have not used them for a while. The center bridge area is quite loose and the lens need to be changed. Any idea where and how without costing an arm, a leg and my other arm? :-) Any leads will be greatly...
  8. U

    For Sale Oakley Juliet c/w Plasma Lenses

    Original Oakley Juliet’s complete with Plasma lenses. I’ve had these for over 20 years and are in excellent condition. They had the nose repinning approx 2 years ago and are still solid. Comes with a rare Will Barros micro cloth case. Looking for £250
  9. T

    Official Fakes/Possible Fakes Inquiry Thread (ARE THESE FAKE? POST FAKES HERE)

    This thread serves as the consolidated area to inquire whether your Oakley's are fake, potential fakes or real. Post your pictures and include any relevant details. For tips and guides on how to spot fakes based on model, check the link below...
  10. Fullmetalcowgirl

    Fake or real?

    Hello! I found a pair of 4th gen Juliet, so they have no serial number. They seem legit to me, I’ve seen both real and fake xmetal but How can I be sure? Should I ask pics of some specific details? Also the price is strangely low.
  11. U

    Sold Custom hammerstemed Juliet (ti02 themed)

    Well, since everybody and their brother decided to sell their Juliet's at the same time, I'm going to go ahead and throw mine in the ring as well 🤷‍♂️ I had made a "trade" post for them, but I've decided to just sell em out right. So here we go.... What Im offering Is my custom ti02 themed...
  12. U

    For Sale A few Oakley X MetalJuliets

    Taking offers on four pairs Juliets. Plasma Ice polarized 5th generation. Polished blue iridium Hamer arms 1st generation w/box and coin. Plasma emerald no serial w/box and coin. Plasma emerald 1st generation w/box and coin. Local Socal San Fernando Valley. More photos $700 each
  13. AbraxasFire

    Do you baby your X-Metals?

    Ever see people doing this? Or even this? Ever since getting my Juliets newly refinished, I don't dare do this at all. I've been sorta babying these since I got them back. I risk it with my Crosshair frames, but not on X-Metals. So, if I don't have my Fatboy with me, or have my soft vault...
  14. AbraxasFire

    Juliets back from the ashes

    I've had them for some time as a two-toned finish, gun metal black nose bridge and stems, exposed metal orbitals, and I really wasn't happy with it. And I did try to enjoy them. Those lenses rattled tho. But I felt it was time for them to rise again from the ashes. From the hands of two...
  15. U

    Traded Juliet stems plasma

    Selling this pair or right+left juliet stems. Good shape. Asking $165 shipped
  16. U

    Sold Juliet IH W/Matte lenses

    Selling my Juliet Infinite Hero. -Frame IH with SKU, tight. -Lenses Linegear Matte. New. -Rubbers grey (can't remember the brand) Amazing look! Asking $760 shipped (No box or coin)
  17. U

    Sold Juliet Infinite hero

    Selling this beautiful Juliet Infinite hero. The frame is OEM infinite hero with SKU. The frame is tight like the first day. I got it years ago on ebay, but it came without box and wrong color lenses. -Rubbers and lenses by Linegear Japan. (All new) -The coin is the non colored infinite hero...
  18. T

    Looking to buy polished Juliet’s Ice/blue iridium

    Looking to buy my first pair of Oakley sunglasses! I’ve decided on a pair of polished Juliet’s with blue iridium lenses… Besides the serial number, are generations 1-5 exactly the same?
  19. U

    For Sale Juliet 24k #747/750

    Hey all, Bought a house, need to pay for a yard. 24k Juliet, unworn, complete, it's been sitting in a case for the past decade. Looking to get $3250, but I'm open to reasonable offers. If you can provide proof of market price, I'll probably accept it. EDIT: Sold.
  20. U

    For Sale Old School Juliet xmetal polarized test display

    Hello OF for sale this magnificent piece of old school, the xmetal polarized test displayed by Juliet with the bob face, very rare and difficult to find nowadays, it is in very good condition. Price $200 allin or best offer ( Shipping with tracking number and total insurance included to all ).
  21. K


  22. U

    Found Polished Juliet 4th Gen

    Looking for a Polished Juliet 4th Gen (No SKU) in mint condition I have several OEM Lenses, Frames or OEM Rubbers I can trade PM me with details Thanks
  23. Ali Foam

    Juliet Lenses Prices?

    Hi Everyone I am looking for some advice, i would like to know what is the going rate for original Juliet lenses that have never been used? In particular: G30 Dark Bronze Grey Warm Grey Vr 28 Black Iridium Polarised Not in boxes just the bubble wrap packets, I got them from the Oakley...
  24. U

    Sold Oakley Juliet Ruby iridium- 480$ shipped - PRICE DROP

    For Sale oakley Juliet Ruby BLACK HAWK DOWN lenses imo 9/10 frame 8/10 nosebridge: loose - as for display case it doesn't matter - if you want to wear glasses it needs to be repaired coz it irritates no serial on frame, box dont have a EAN code. 600$-120$ = 480$ shipped with insurance
  25. U

    For Sale Juliet, Romeo, XS rubbers

    Line gear white R1 rubber set 25.00 shipped Line gear yellow Juliet rubber set 25.00 shipped OEM XS ear socks 9.5/10 have been installed show no signs of wear 30.00 shipped 15.00 off if you buy all 3
  26. U

    For Sale OEM Rubbers Overstock

    Got new spare rubbers for sale in new condition Emerald Ichiro (4x) Tshox 25 w/ large nosebombs (4 pieces) $30 Blue Ichiro Small nosebombs (2 pieces) $OLD Rootbeer (1x) Tshox 15 w/ small nosebombs (4 pieces) $20 (4x) Tshox 25 w/ Large nosebombs (4 pieces) $20 (4x) NIB Juliet Black rubber...
  27. U

    Sold NEW Carbon Juliet 04-149 PERFECT

    Selling a new, never worn Carbon Juliet 04-149 with Polarized Black Iridium lenses. Pictured with new red OEM Oakley T-shox for that Ducati look :cool-20:. NEW original OEM Oakley black T-shox and extra nose pads available as well as a Juliet coin. Black Oakley microfiber bag included...
  28. U

    Sold Plasma Juliet Frame

    Selling a Plasma Juliet frame that I just don't need. The nose bridge/flex coupler is pretty loose; no doubt it will need to be replaced. Other than that the frame is in excellent condition. This is a Non-Serialized frame. I will ship in an X Metal case that has seen better days, but it...
  29. U

    Sold Polished Juliet Frame

    Up for sale is a Juliet Polished Frame with Hammerstems in good condition. OEM Juliet Polished No SKU Perfect for a daily wear Tight nose bridge The temples/hinges screws are stripped on both sides but the stems are tight and work as they should. I don't have time to send it to Zach for...
  30. U

    Sold Emerald Juliet lenses

    Selling a new pair of Emerald Juliet lenses. The box is not the original. Was recently going through some stuff and found these tucked away. $100 shipped.