1. Mike.vanderkoon

    Sold Juliet Plasma 2nd Gen Complete Matching Set

    Juliet Plasma 2nd Gen with serial matching box, micro fiber bag, warranty card and other paper. Sorry no coin. Will update thread if I find the coin. Note there is a second sticker on the back of the box. Talking to some forum members this probably was the specific store sticker. There is a...
  2. SolarOracle

    Sold Juliet Shallow Water Polarized Lenses

    New Juliet Prizm Shallow Water Polarized lenses Custom Cut from Flak Jacket XLJ $OLD Shipped Conus
  3. SolarOracle

    Sold Emerald Ichiro Juliet Lenses

    This is a pair of Ichiro Juliet emerald lenses with “Ichiro 51” $OLD shipped CONUS
  4. Larry-Espino-Hinojosa

    Oakley Juliet X-Metal Logo - Rare Bob Head

    Oakley Juliet X-Metal Logo - Rare Bob Head
  5. Jmgarcia

    Sold Even more x metals

    1. X metal Juliet with custom cut ice lenses (new but with mounting marks). $275 sold!!!!! 2. Ti02 Juliet with pos red/00 red iridium(unsure to be honest) LG rubbers $ 285 SOLD!!!!! Prices are not firm so PM with offers. Shipping is free with the US with tracking and insurance. Pm with questions.
  6. Jmgarcia

    Sold More x metals

    1. polished Juliet (serialized) with green LG rubbers and custom cut emerald lenses(Not worn). $320 SOLD!!! 2. Polished penny with DWP custom cuts (not worn). $315 SOLD!!!! Take both for a discount. Free shipping with tracking with the US. PM with any questions.
  7. Jmgarcia

    Sold Moving sale #2

    Pricing include shipping within the US. 1. watch soft vault in new condition $25 SOLD!!!! 2. Root beer x metal rubber kit $30 SOLD!!!!!!! 3. X metal juliet, in used condition, nose bridge is semi tight, LG rubbers, lenses are unknown but look pretty clean. $220 SOLD!!!!! 4. X metal (refinished)...
  8. Mike.vanderkoon

    Sold Juliet Polished 4th Gen

    Oakley X Metal Juliet Polished with no serial number. SOLD
  9. Tejada

    Sold Juliet 24k (Sample)

    Juliet 24k (Sample) Adjusted nasal bridge, frame without scratches, bumps or loss of paint. lenses in very good condition, some slight and superficial scratches 9/10 Only the frame and black microfiber bag are delivered. Please, if you have any questions or need more photos, send me a message...
  10. Fernando

    Sold New Juliet Dark Ti02 w/ Ruby iridium lenses “CUSTOM”

    Hello OFamily for sale other spectacular and new custom Juliet Dark tio2 with ruby iridium lenses by Z :) love his art, all is perfect and don’t have any used or defect, came with the new 101-537-001 riveted microbag for $ allin and if you want for $ more with the xmetal black case too in used...
  11. SolarOracle

    Deal Juliet Infinite Hero

    I know these don't come up often but Im looking for a NIB Infinite Hero for a friend! I might consider LNIB as well Thanks in advance! J
  12. BoostBear

    Sold /Trade - Juliet Rootbeer Rubbers

    Previously installed Rootbeer T-15 don't have any obvious wear I can see. Both rubber sets are BNIB. Will exchange for XX rubbers, or offer it all for XX lens set XX Linegear Rubber set; White, Brown, Purple XX OEM Rubber set; T-25 preferred XX Lens oem, CC, Linegear; Good wearable condition...
  13. saulsaul

    Sold Brown Juliet (JBR)

    Juliet Brown JBR000388 Bag only Original lenses Frame: 9.5 (cautious - perhaps 10/10) Lenses: 9-9.5 (no marks I can see) Bridge: Solid. Slight play on one side but very minor. Beautiful, collectible, rare Juliet. $750 including shipping (tracked and insured).
  14. Fernando

    Sold Juliet & penny Rust Decay w/ fire iridium lenses

    Hello OFamily for sale this awesome custom pieces by zwc0442 one of the best artist of this house, Juliet and penny rust decay with fire lenses, new condition and never used in the pics don’t have the rubbers installer but I put a bnew rubber on each pair, came with microbag only. Lenses 10/10...
  15. Mike.vanderkoon

    Sold Juliet Custom Tio2 & Juliet Ruby

    Two listings: 1) Juliet Custom Tio2 with ice lenses: The frame is in great condition and is near mint. A tiny small scuff mark on the nose bridge is the only negative on the frames finish. Nose recently tuned up and is extremely tight. All rubbers are OEM and I will put new earsocks on...
  16. aaron.schies

    For Sale Juliet Plasma w/ OEM Black Iridium Polarized

    Freshly tuned nose bridge and hinges. OEM lenses and rubber. Tiny bit of delam on top edges of lenses but not noticeable when wearing. No scratches on lenses. Tiny nick on left orbital. Loved this pair but rarely wore it. Comes with soft microfiber bag. Asking for $350 USD shipped to CONUS...
  17. Fernando

    Sold Juliet plasma w/ fire iridium “ 4 Gen “

    Hello OFamily for sale 4gen Juliet plasma with fire iridium lenses, all is original, I used only 2 or 3 times, the rest of the time he has been sleeping in the showcase, is in perfect condition, don’t have marks or scratches, is complete with box, coin, mf-bag and extra rubber, the frame has...
  18. Logik

    For Sale 3rd Gen Juliet Plasma / Ice Complete Set

    Selling 2nd 3rd Gen Juliets (SN#J1117528B) which I bought off a forum member here for more than I'm selling now. Frame = 9.5/10 Nose = 8.5/10 (doesn't need tune) IMO Lens = 8/10 (Decent with minor hairline scratch) UPGRADED to Gen 1 Ice Lenses I had kicking around to replace the pitted lenses...
  19. Fernando

    Sold Juliet plasma w/ fire iridium “ 2nd Gen “

    Hello Of for sale this Juliet plasma with fire iridium lenses 2nd gen with matching box, the glasses have low used the lenses don’t have scratchers, cleaning mark difficult to get in the pics, the frame don’t have discoloration and the nose bridge still very strong , have 15’s t-shocks installed...
  20. L5072

    Sold Xmetal juliet combo- $400

    Xmetal Juliet- non-serialized. I do not collect and these have been my daily’s for the last year. Just picked up a 2nd set of XX’s from @NuttyOAK13Y and they will be my new daily’s due to my large melon. Since they have been worn daily there are some shiny spots on the frame. It is super...
  21. Sirtinytree

    New member located in TN

    Hello, I’m new to how Oakley forum works. Can someone explain how to buy/sell/trade?
  22. Xformr

    VOTE! Ironman Juliet or XS

    Need a little help here... I've been wanting to have an Ironman custom done since before joining the forum and never pulled the trigger. Now, I have it all tee'd up and can't decide if I want to go with X-Squared or Juliet... DWP will be the lens of choice. The question I'm asking you fine...
  23. Xformr

    Sold Beater Juliet & X-Squared BIP lenses $25

    Pulled these from beater frames. Lenses are indeed in beater condition, but I was able to wear both sets for a short period before replacing. Juliet Black Iridium Polarized X-Squared Black Iridium Polarized $25 shipped CONUS for both Juliet & XS.
  24. Xformr

    X-Men Film Worn Juliet

    I'm sure there's a thread on this by now... Been watching this one since it popped up on the search. Just curious if someone up here is gunnin for them. Bueller? https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F362667567486 Big Ballers Club bid status.
  25. hockeyguy

    For Sale Juliet Earsock kits

    Two black earsock/nose pad kits. $20 for set plus shipping.
  26. Fernando

    For Sale X4 Juliet box

    Hello OF I have this 4 boxes for Juliet’s, 3 for Xmetal with black and one for plasma ice, this last came complete with paper sponge and coin: Box Juliet plasma ice with coin $75 allin Juliet Xmetal boxes 1box for $45 allin 2 box for $80 allin 3 box for $115 allin All boxes 4 box for $180...
  27. Fernando

    Sold Juliet plasma w/ ice “COMPLETE”

    Hello OFamily for sale this Juliet plasma with ice lenses in perfect condition, is a B-serial 3rd Generation frame serial with matching box,and coin, nose bridge is factory tight, the frame is perfect with out discoloration, the lenses have very little cleaning marks is very low, is perfect for...
  28. Jheyvip

    For Sale Oakley x squared x metal plasma and polished good deal

    $299.00 each plus shipping Frames: Plasma X metal and polished All frame are in good condition New aftermarket lens microfiber bag included