jupiter camo frogskins

  1. S

    Jupiter Camo Frogskins

  2. ECUOakley

    New Sunnies

    I recently bought some jup camo and wildberry frogs (I'm not a fan of grey so I put in some ice lenses) and then I also bought some ott. I am a broke ass college student now but ramen noodles for a couple months is worth it!
  3. EditReject

    I Like Frogskins

    Seems like I have the Frogskins bug now. These are my purchases over the last month or so...
  4. M

    My First Frogs!

    Yesterday my fiancee decided to buy me my an Oakley. So i decided to buy the frogskins. I ended up choosing the JUPITER CAMO EDITION over the holbrooks...The seller told me that it is rare and hard to find...is it? can anybody tell me something about my pair and did i made a good choice...
  5. Johnny Hundreds

    It Has Begun...

    I did it... I got my first frogs... and i'm so upset. because i've already planned to make the hour drive again,just to go pick up some Rootbeer frogs when i have a chance this weekend. lol. I'm pretty sure i just found another frame i really like. Here they are! Jupiter Camo Frogskins...
  6. kSpirit

    The Year So Far...

    So I finally got some time to take some pics of this year's additions...kinda been putting it off till I had something nice to show, then my camera broke and finally I was gone for a month... Back home so here we go: First off Neon Yellows which I got in a trade from Kennthekotto back in...
  7. indofirgun

    Indofirgun Started To Collect Frogskins

    Hi, I'm newbie on this forum but has started to love and collect frogskins, even I never worn these. These are the result of hunting that IMO still has a under value price. I hope can add my collection, especially for rare items.
  8. maxis888

    Newbie Frogskin Collection

    It's a good start or not for newbie like me ?
  9. Frogskins

    Mis Ranas ...

    I'm laying these out on the table and my wife says, "I can tell you're bored ..." :blink:
  10. Shawn Nwahs Yeo

    Shawn's pond of frogs.

    Hi all, I'm quite new to this forum. Below's my humble collection of Frogskins, nothing compared to many here. They're arranged in chrono order. New frogskins will be updated in this thread in the future. :smile:
  11. Nyarlathotep

    Jupiter Camo Frogskin

    Home from the whale's vagina and went to my favorite bike shop today. I was just going for some supplies but I spied these in their oakley display case as I walked in the door.
  12. SpliceD

    Limited Edition Jupiter Camo Frogskins

    Scored these last night off Craigslist. I paid a slight premium ($200), but i figured since they're sold out and i love the look, i had better pull the trigger. Not to mention i hate dealing with EBay. These are only my 2nd pair of Frogskins. My first pair being the Crystal Black/Black...
  13. D

    Snagged A Pair Of Jupiter Camo Frogskins:

    Got these today: The Full Shelf:
  14. FrogTastic

    This Week

    Still riding the Frog train. Picked up another Jupiter Camo, Shaun White and Blackrainbow.