jupiter carbon

  1. U

    Found  Jupiter carbon in good shape

    I am in the market for a Jupiter carbon let me know what you’ve got and price can go pm. im in Canada for shipping USPS
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    Sold  Jupiter Carbon customized

    Jupiter Carbon OO9220-04 Ice Iridium Polarized $OLD in CONUS CONDITION - Overall these are excellent condition - they only show some very minor imperfections from use. Ice Iridium Polarized Lenses are do not have any blemishes which would be visible while wearing them. Upon close inspection...
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    Buying  Jupiter Factory Lite Carbon Fiber Black & Red

    Hey everyone! I've been trying to find these sunglasses for a friend. His pair broke and I'm helping him hunt for a replacement. They don't need to be new, just in good shape. I've attached photos of his pair. They are polarized
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    hi to all ! i search some Oakley ferrari model to buy ! carbon blade Ferrari style switch Ferrari Jupiter factory or carbon so in case i have some artsit series Glasses for trades or partial trades!!
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    For Sale  Jupiter Carbon OO9220-04 Matte Black/Ice

    Up for grabs is a pair of lightly used Jupiter Carbon’s. Frame color is Matte Black. Lens is Oce Iridium Polarized. The glasses are like new, and come with microbag and square O graphite case, and box as well. There were mine, as I bought them new, but give them to my brother. He now wants to...
  6. B

    Jupiter Carbon

    Just ordered a pair of new Jupiter Carbon's from Blinq off eBay. Matte Black with Ice Iridium Polarized. Should be here in about a week. I've seen mixed reviews about Blinq, but first time ordering from them, so hoping to not have any problems. Kinda excited for this pair. Friday I will be...
  7. U

    Sold  BNIB Jupiter Carbon/Pol Black/BIP

    For sale is a pair of Jupiter Carbon, Polished Black Frame, and Black Iridium Polarized Lens - all new and flawless. This pair, introduced in the spring of 2013, and part of the Oakley Iconic Family had 5 colorways. This model is now getting harder to find, with an original retail of $330...
  8. U

    Buying  Oakley Jupiter Carbon

    Hello everyone! I was curious if anyone has the Jupiter Factory Lite available and are willing to sell or trade their pair. I appreciate it! Thank you everyone!
  9. BHarry

    The JFL I wanted...

    I really like the JFL and the colorway that I originally wanted was the brushed/ice. I've found deals on a couple others, but still kept my eye out for these. They have a few tiny scratches but no complaints... got them for fairly cheap case included. It's been months and I'm happy to have em...
  10. BHarry

    I got a Ferrari...

    Jupiter Carbon...I really like my JFLs so I thought I would snatch these. No box or case, but I'm loving the ruby polarized. They are the darkest ruby I've had, it's kinda hard to capture. I'm sure Ferrari gets the choice cuts!
  11. DOakley

    New Items in DOakley's collection

    This are some new stuff that been added to my collection since September 2014 first one is the Deviation Team USA next one is Square Wire 2006 after that is the Fives Squared MotoGP and then the London Fuel Cell (these are my first fuel cell in the collection) right after that ...
  12. RickART

    Adjust Jupiter Carbon Stems?

    Can the carbon stems be adjusted the same way as a regular stem? With heat. I need to straighten them a bit. They are to tight behind my ears...