1. U

    Sold Koston Tortoise - OCP Purple Clear - Marine Fade

    SOLD - Neon Yellow w/ Polarized Violet Lenses - Like New condition SOLD - Koston Tortoise w/ Ruby Lenses - Good condition; lenses have micro scuffs and swirls but clear vision with no bluffs in view - original bronze lenses in fair condition $90 - OCP Purple Clear w/ +Red Lenses - Like New...
  2. U

    Sold Supreme, ATMOS, DQM, others... Selling Vintage, Rare, Collectibles.

  3. U

    For Sale Large Oakley lot - skateboards, olympic samples, koston

    Hey guys, I have a box of stuff sitting in the garage that isn't getting any attention, so i decided to let go of a handful of items i have collected over the years. I will try to give some prices, but and legit offer will be considered. Im here to make some deals so some of the items I am...
  4. U

    Buying Some things.

    I'm lookin for these. What is supposed to be the easy ones to find. Lol. Not so much.... best picture I could find sorry... There is a missing spot :sorry:
  5. U

    Trading WTT: Eric Koston Holbrooks for Fall Out Brown Tort Holbrook

    Koston Holbrooks up for trade. Very good condition. Has some minor wear on the stems but nothing else really. Will post pics as soon as I return home. Comes with original box but can't find the microfiber bag so it will come with a regular black one. Looking to trade for the brown tort variant...
  6. U


    Alright, its time to attempt getting pair I've wanted for a while. I'm looking for a good condition Woodgrain Koston w/ hopefully the box, microfiber bag and pencil but I would consider otherwise. I just want the frame to be in great condition, lenses it doesn't matter. I know there is the asian...
  7. U

    Buying Koston matte black camo w/ dark grey

    Anyone selling koston series matte black camo?
  8. teddy57

    Teddy57's Recent Purchases

    As a new member I really enjoyed Jono's thread in which he displayed his most recent pick-ups. Since I don't currently display my growing collection in a case, I figured I would share my collection this way! Feel free to chime in, I hope you'll enjoy seeing this as much I did Jono's...
  9. Frogskins

    "Poor Man's Koston"

    Woodgrain Asian Fit with Titanium Clear Iridium Really can't say I notice any difference with the fit Best thing I like about these ... they have a rough, grainy feeling ... like actual wood grain ...
  10. Trann14

    Koston Frogskins LX

    My first pair of Frogskins. Not sure how I like the Koston LX Frogskins yet, but just couldn't resist these Oakleys. Swapped out the Black for Ruby Polarized :)
  11. slvrdragn69

    New Infinite Hero And Koston Frogs?

    Was perusing through a few new part numbers I found and these ones stuck out to me: 24-420 IH Frogskins Carbon Camo w/Black Iridium & 24-421 IH Flak Jacket XLJ Carbon w/Black Iridium 24-346 Koston FrogskinsClearCamo w/ Grey & 24-437 Koston Frogskins MatteBlkCamo w/Dk Grey Anyone hear anything...
  12. Funky-Trixtar

    Got The Koston Woodgrains Now....

    Bought these off of Fleabay.....should have got them when I saw them for eighty quid....
  13. jk-27

    Been An Expensive Few Weeks...

    Oakley Frogskins Nitraid Oakley Frogskins Mastermind Polished Black/Black Iridium Polarized Oakley Frogskins Koston Craftsmen Oakley Frogskins Mastermind Matte Black/Grey Polarized
  14. chrisbron

    I'm back!

    Well, hello there! Some of you guys have been asking where I went and what I've been doing to my collection, well here's an update: 1) I finally completed the Koston series [Berrics unified, woodgrain & brown tortoise] 2) I got myself two nice Tater's [#14 & #10] 3) Got the...
  15. S

    Acid Blue/ Brown Koston's Leg swap.... PIC

    just did this for some fun, wearing these out today for sure
  16. Mikkelf

    Perhaps The First Koston Signature Frogskins In Europe? And Then Some...

    So I had ordered the Dispatch II earlier last week since I was annoyed with the fact that Koston Series wouldn't make it to Europe. Then out of nowhere I managed to suggest a decent price for a Koston Signature Series Frogskins from the US Ebay site (unfortunately danish customs discovered...
  17. Frogskins

    Hot Off The Press ...