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    Sold  Minute Machine Parts for Sale: Polished Links

    *SOLD* Complete Metal Band: 13 links, includes band to watch case screws and washers. Excellent condition. All screws and washers are OEM. $525 PayPal G&S shipped. CONUS. *SOLD* Polished Links (2 available): Brand new. Each link includes OEM washers and screws. $60 each PayPal G&S, shipped...
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    Sold  Black on black minute machine

    Looking to sell my black minute machine in good but used condition. Has normal marks from being worn but no deep scratches. Comes with the box. In great condition with all layers. Bracelet, the last link comes with but I took it off. I also have a good condition leather strap that can be...
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    Sold  Time Tank with Silver Face and Black Dials, Leather Band

    For Sale is a Time Tank with Silver/Black Face and leather band. There are some minor scratches on the case. No issues with the sapphire. Leather band is new and unworn. Just installed a new battery. Will ship in brown watch box. $510 PayPal G&S, shipped USPS priority, CONUS. PM me if outside...
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    Sold  BNIB Minute Machine Leather Band

    Hi gang. For sale is a BNIB black MM leather band with buckle. Never been used, smells great! $OLD! all-in shipped anywhere in North America.
  5. Zoeesteatmis

    Leather Band for Minute Machine

    Has anyone out there had any experience with the leather strap option for the Minute Machine? I have my first Titanium Minute Machine on the way and I have seen pics of the leather strap and like the looks, but want some advice. I do not think it will be easy to find as just a strap alone. Did...