1. W

    Who sleeps in their Oakleys?

    Was having trouble sleeping and noticed my Half-Jax sitting by the sink when I got up to use the bathroom. Was tempted to throw them on. Anyone tried this?
  2. Jerome

    Oakley Sylas

    Just saw this new model appear on Edit: the link above does not seem to work somehow from the oakleyforum site, use this alternative link: "Oakley® Sylas is a classic...
  3. Shade Station

    New Oakley Sunglasses

    Hey guys, We now have Sutro and Forager in stock from the new release, the rest to follow in April! What's everyone's thoughts on this season's collection?! Frames in order of list are: Sutro Forager Mercenary Eye Jacket Redux Frogskins Mix Oakley Sutro Sunglasses - Free Delivery - Shade...
  4. Shade Station

    Manchester Spin Bike Show: Oakley Sunglasses

    Hi all, Hope everyone's been enjoying the sun in the UK and wherever you are in the world! This weekend we showcased our Oakley sunglasses stand at Spin Manchester Bike Show, EVZero was very popular! Here's how we got on...