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Oakley Enthusiast
The Netherlands
Just saw this new model appear on Oakley.com: https://www.oakley.com/en-us/product/888392454935
Edit: the link above does not seem to work somehow from the oakleyforum site, use this alternative link: https://www.oakley.com/en-us/product/W0OO9448?variant=888392454959

"Oakley® Sylas is a classic frame with reliable features. Feel secure in this new style that goes above and beyond the standard with upgraded features for all-day wear, including a hat compatible design, lightweight frame and Prizm™ Lens Technology."

This is definitely more of a lifestyle frame. Looks like a blend between a Holbrook and a Sliver. I like that fact that it looks like the lenses do have a slight curve (looks like 6-base not 8-base) and the fact that it has hat compatibility (like the Split Shot and the Targetline also do have). This definitely does not make a dent in the universe but this frame looks very decent to me. I'm just curious about the exact size of the frame and how it compares to a Holbrook or a Sliver side-by-side.

Here are the variations they are showing now on the Oakley site.

Polished Clear with Prizm Sapphire:


Polished Rootbeer with Prizm Bronze. I'm not really sure if Prizm Bronze is a new Prizm lens. Do any of you already have Prizm Bronze and if you do what is it like?



Black Ink with Prizm Ruby Polarized. Black Ink does look like polished black but in a different polished way. It's not polished but it is slightly translucent.


And Matte Black with Prizm Black Polarized. This looks like my favorite already, I really like Prizm Black Polarized for those bright sunny days.



Wat do you think? Is the Sylas worth a look or not?



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