1. Jmgarcia

    For Sale X metal moving sale

    Have to clear some funds for an upcoming move so x metals have to go. Feel free to pm with questions or more detailed pictures. 1. X metal XX with OEM ruby lenses (used with markings), frame has marks but no serial number, rubbers are in good condition and nose bridge is tight. $365 SOLD...
  2. Jerome

    New Anorak sunglasses

    Hello everyone, Before somebody replies with "these are not new" I want you to know that I always do my bit of research and I can confirm that these sunglasses are in fact new and have yet to be "officially released" by Oakley. I know that copies of Anoraks are floating around already on this...
  3. Jerome

    New Oakley Gibston

    Hello everyone, Just saw these appear on Oakley.com. The Gibston looks like a more wrapped Sylas with less taller lenses: https://www.oakley.com/en-us/product/W0OO9449 The description from Oakley.com: "Wrapped in style, Gibston is the latest high-wrap frame from Oakley®. The modern frame...
  4. hockeyguy

    Sold 2 Frogskin Lites

    2 pairs, SnapBack and Splatter Frogskin Lites. Perfect condition, include box and microfiber. $90>$80 > $70>$65>$60 for both plus shipping.
  5. Mike.vanderkoon

    Sold Juliet Custom Tio2 & Juliet Ruby

    Two listings: 1) Juliet Custom Tio2 with ice lenses: The frame is in great condition and is near mint. A tiny small scuff mark on the nose bridge is the only negative on the frames finish. Nose recently tuned up and is extremely tight. All rubbers are OEM and I will put new earsocks on...
  6. Jerome

    Oakley Sylas

    Just saw this new model appear on Oakley.com: https://www.oakley.com/en-us/product/888392454935 Edit: the link above does not seem to work somehow from the oakleyforum site, use this alternative link: https://www.oakley.com/en-us/product/W0OO9448?variant=888392454959 "Oakley® Sylas is a classic...
  7. Logik

    For Sale 3 Pairs of Juliet Lenses (Ice/Ruby/Emerald) *UPDATED*

    Offering up 3 pairs of Juliet lenses. These are beaters, to be clear. Worn during sports & beach days. Selling all together. Ice (Late Gen) = light pitting and discoloration. Best of the 3 sets. 7 / 10 Ruby (Early Gen) = coating broken down on the interior lenses, light scratches throughout...
  8. L5072

    Sold Xmetal juliet combo- $400

    Xmetal Juliet- non-serialized. I do not collect and these have been my daily’s for the last year. Just picked up a 2nd set of XX’s from @NuttyOAK13Y and they will be my new daily’s due to my large melon. Since they have been worn daily there are some shiny spots on the frame. It is super...
  9. Logik

    Buying XS Ice / Ruby Iridium OEM Lenses

    Looking for Great/Mint condition XS Lenses - Both Ice & Ruby Iridium Shipping to Vancouver, BC, Canada Cheers L
  10. Logik

    Hello from Vancouver, Canada!

    Hey there fellow Oakley fans! Signing on from Vancouver, BC Canada! Long time Oakley XMetal collector and patriot. Last summer I had my SUV broken into outside my home and had 3 pairs of XMetal glasses stolen from inside, XS / XMetal / Ruby, XS / Carbon / Black and the Gen 1, Juliet / "old"...
  11. Mike.vanderkoon

    First Penny!!

    i was finally able to get my first Penny XM ruby!!! Thank you @Serturbo
  12. P

    Buying Juliet Ruby Mint Condition

    Looking to buy a set of black juliets with ruby lenses. Best condition available please. no scratches. Thank you in advance. Serialized would be preferred.
  13. Sushobhon Samuel Morrison

    Ruby Vr50 photochromic

    Hi O fam, i really like the look of ruby vr50 photochromic, want to buy one in the jawbone, but the seller has infrared frame instead of echelon frame. So, my question is how will the combo look? I never had jawbone in my collection, so it will be my first pair in my collection. If any...
  14. X-Metal Beast

    Sold X-Squared X-Metal/Ruby

    X-Squared X-Metal/Ruby. Warranty Frame in mint condition, factory tight, rubbers like new, all OEM. No SKU. Lenses are ruby (not fruby) and they are perfect for wearing, but the iridium is peeling on the outside, bottom of both lenses (see pics 8 & 9). When wearing, the lenses are extremely...
  15. Jerome

    Chrystl with new Prizm lenses

    Managed to scoop these out of the Google cache just like I did with the Radar EV Advancer. Search for: Oakley oo4136 They are called the Oakley Chrystl, don't know how to properly pronounce this. I guess you pronounce this like "Crystal". They look a bit like the Apparition but with an extra...
  16. kitcostantino

    Sold XM XS Beater $275 OBO Shipped Con US

    Okay. I have kind of struggled with what i want to do with this pair. Its an XS XM with Ruby non polar. the sku on the arm is the correct one for the lenses and finish. Lenses are worn and finish is in good shape. Its a nice looking pair at first glance, but I am honest abe when selling...
  17. Esscaster

    Sold R1 Replacement Lenses

    HI there, selling these lenses for R1s, both of these are used and there are some fine marks on them, but nothing that effects visibility. I would say these are beater lenses. Will ship to CONUS only and prices reflect PP and shipping fees: Linegear Black Polarized - $35 Custom Cut Ruby...
  18. hockeyguy

    For Sale Diecutter Prizm Ruby

    Pewter Diecutter w/Prizm ruby lenses. Wore the frame twice. I gave it a shot but I just don’t like the wire frame style nose pads. Asking $80 plus shipping. Includes box, case and micro. These are in perfect condition.
  19. SolarOracle

    Sold XS ruby lenses OEM

    Selling these XS ruby lenses OEM lenses not custom cut They have a nice purple hue in the middle I would rate them 9.8/10 because they have been mounted once but never worn We're talking crystal clear / no scratches Comes with original box and lens pouch Asking $OLD shipped CONUS
  20. Elvin Foo

    Sold X-Squared sale

    Hi Everyone, Price dropped! I have the following X-Squared for sale: 1. LNIB X-Squared X Metal Ruby Iridium Complete ($SOLD) Frame: 9.5/10 - Faint shiny spot at the right upper orbital Lenses: Dark ruby with purple hue. Small stress crack on the left lens. Apart from that, its perfect Flex...
  21. Jay-Da

    Sold Flak 2.0 XL - Polished Black, Prizm Ruby!

    Hey guys, I have a great pair for sale here: Frame - OCP Polished Black, Chrome icons - arms are tight, no major marks or scratches at all but they are used. I’d say 9/10 because they’ve been worn. Lenses - Prizm Ruby, brand new 10/10, beautiful lenses. Will come with microfiber and case in...
  22. andr3

    Something I dreamt of...

    ...as a student and couldn't afford. Then I shifted them to the back of my head for some 16 years, got some other Oakleys and now finally got myself some Juliets. They make me very happy *sigh*
  23. SolarOracle

    Sold New Juliet X-Metal w/Ruby 24-125

    Hello OF As title says here a new Juliet X-Metal with Ruby iridium lenses and purple hue These were purchased from my optometrist office a number of years ago. I needed to use up a health care spending account. I have 2 so they have never been worn No trades Asking $400 Shipped CONUS
  24. barberp

    For Sale First Generation Juliets LOW SERIALS

  25. SolarOracle

    Sold Juliet Deep Ruby lenses

    Decided to sell these beautiful OEM Deep Ruby lenses that came from a 1st gen X-Metal Juliet Frame Lenses have light casting marks around the edges for obvious reasons No scratches but would rate them 9/10 Very hard to find with purple hue in them Asking $100 shipped CONUS
  26. hockeyguy

    Sold Madman Dark Carbon/Ruby

    Never worn, one of the few pairs of these I purchased and didn’t wear any of them. Asking $130 plus shipping.
  27. SolarOracle

    For Sale New XS Ruby Lenses OEM

    Decided to keep the frame for a custom project Lenses are brand new as you can see they were taken out a BNIB XS Ruby Still has the "H" Sticker Asking $95 $100 Shipped CONUS
  28. Bredon8

    Found 1st Gen Ruby Lenses for Juliet

    Looking for a good pair of 1st Gen Ruby for my Juliets. I've got 1st Gen from when I bought the glasses in 2000 but they weren't the best color. Looking to upgrade to that deep red/purple that minimizes the orange. Bought a good pair for my Pennys off of Ebay. Was hoping someone was selling on here.
  29. SolarOracle

    Sold X-Squared Deep Ruby lenses

    Got these from a friend so not sure if they are aftermarket or Custom Cut due to the base tint being green instead of blue but they have the same thickness and base curve. Mint condition 9.5/10 Asking a low price and listed as "Aftermarket" to be 100% sure SOLD Shipped CONUS
  30. hockeyguy

    For Sale Oakley Crossrange XL

    Selling one of my more recent purchases, these have never been worn and include all of the original items. Frame-Crossrange XL-Matte Olive Camo Lens- Prizm Ruby Includes wind guards, lifestyle and sport stems, and lifestyle/sport nosepieces. $125 plus shipping if interested. Thanks!