1. U

    Sold  Frogskins Mix - Matte Uranium with Prizm Sapphire

    Picked these up in a bulk sale recently and just not my side. Brand new; will come with microfiber bag. $100 shipped in the US.
  2. U

    Sold  Radar EV Path Sapphire Iridium Replacement Lens

    As title says, have a sapphire iridium (non-polar) path lens for Radar EV. Some tiny cleaning marks but very clean otherwise.... $40 or OBO... Thanks!
  3. U

    Sold  Pit Boss 1 custom cut Sapphire prizm polarized lenses

    Got this done by @Chris A Hardaway a while back, were installed and wore them a few times, but not too much. They are in awesome condition. Can't find anything wrong with them Price $80 shipped USA
  4. Jerome

    Oakley Anorak Sunglasses | Full Review & Guide

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  5. OakleyBoss

    Oakley Gibston Sunglasses | Review & Guide

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  6. Jerome

    Oakley Sylas

    Just saw this new model appear on Edit: the link above does not seem to work somehow from the oakleyforum site, use this alternative link: "Oakley® Sylas is a classic...
  7. Jerome

    Chrystl with new Prizm lenses

    Managed to scoop these out of the Google cache just like I did with the Radar EV Advancer. Search for: Oakley oo4136 They are called the Oakley Chrystl, don't know how to properly pronounce this. I guess you pronounce this like "Crystal". They look a bit like the Apparition but with an extra...
  8. Jerome

    Oakley Radar EV Advancer

    I saw these very briefly on but they are not visible on that website anymore. I was able to pull some info from the google cache by searching for: Oakley oo9442 They look more like Radar Fields than Radar Paths. I guess the taller lenses provide more coverage and the advancer...
  9. Fremmy

    Prizm Road vs Prizm Sapphire Help

    Hi guys, I'm a cyclist who is really torn between the new flight jackets Prizm road and Prizm Sapphire lens. Has anyone owned both? Thoughts? Is the Prizm Sapphire the same lens and filtering for the snowboarding goggles? Do the sapphires work for road cycling? Or is the light filtering more...
  10. U

    For Sale  O-stuff

    1. Store front (Robot #306) $240 SOLD! 2. MF bag bundle (4) $40 SOLD! 3. Sapphire FJ2.0 lenses $50 4. Elite vault $35 SOLD! All prices are G&S and including shipping with in the US.
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    Sold  Plasma juliet with custom cut sapphire lenses and blue linegear rubber kit.

    Looking at selling a piece of my collection to help pay for some other projects the frame is first gen but not bone Finnish it has alot of character and looks cool to me like a raw metal frame serial is there but is hard to photograph as it's worn faint over time (JI014992). Lenses were cut from...
  12. rml0015

    I Learned Something New Today at the O-Store (w/pics)

    Hi all, I went to my closest 3 Oakley Vaults today in the Tampa area. I was looking for the Sapphire Iridium XL Polarized for my Flak 2.0. It has been my favorite lense by far. So the first 2 didn't have them in stock, which I find odd but anyhow. I go to the third and all they have is the...
  13. crgonyar

    Oakley Stash

    Here's a sample of my collection... I have a few "keepers" but always selling, trading, buying! I live a couple of miles from a vault which... "helps"
  14. U

    For Sale  BNIB Mainlink grey ink with sapphire iridium

    Hey everyone! Got a BNIB mainlink with sapphire iridium. SKU - OO9264-03 Asking 90 shipped with PayPal Retail 150 Let me know if you have any questions
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    Sold  Sapphire Fade Prizm Holbrook BNIB

    Hey everyone. Have a brand new in box Holbrook sapphire prizm for sale MSRP 180 Asking 125 shipped anywhere I US. Have PayPal Let me know if you have questions!
  16. U

    Buying  Flak 2.0 Polished Black/Black Ink & Sapphire Ird Polarized

    Hi all, I am interested in buying some Flak 2.0 black frames, like the title says Polished black or Black ink will do. I don't really want matte frames. Preferably with an icon that isn't flashy, no chrome or bright colors. I also want some sapphire XL lenses if anyone has any for sale. I am...
  17. U

    Sold  Frogskin, Sky Blue Fingerprint with Sapphire Iridium - BNIB

    For sale is a BNIB complete with everything Sky Blue Fingerprint with a Sapphire Iridium Lens. Model 00913-55, Never used and pristine. Shipping included in price for CONUS is SOLD. Thanks for looking!
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    Sold  Plasma Sapphire Badman

    Bought these from @OakleyTrader15 only worn once, has "sample" on one of the inner arms, can't remember which one, complete with everything. $210 shipped paypal f&f or add the 4% for fees. No trades. Pics will be added when I get home from work.
  19. yanki01

    New Flak 2.0's!

    I always liked my Fast Jackets but due to the lack of options on lenses since they're being discontinued, I decided to try something else. Of course the F&F discount helped my make a decision on what I was going to buy. Flak 2.0 Matte black frame, white O Sapphire Iridium Polarized XL Prizm...
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    For Sale  NIB Sealed Carbon Ruby Badman

  21. U

    For Sale  BadMan Carbon w/ Ruby & Plasma w/ Sapphire