1. U

    Sold Holbrook 24K Polarized Lenses

    Have a pair of Holbrook 24K polarized lenses. These are the regular 24K, non Prizm. They are in like new condition. No blemishes or scratches on them. Asking $40 OBO includes shipping to CONUS. Thanks.
  2. U

    Sold Youth Holbrook XS Matte Poseidon NEW

    Grabbed these for the kid but he really likes his current polished clear/prizm ruby polarized Holbrook XS pair. I hate to let them go but they are just sitting here. Brand new in box never worn literally brand new! Opened the box to check them when I got them and then to take pics. $old
  3. U

    Sold B1B Holbrooks

    I have a brand new pair of B1B Holbrooks, the Matte Black w/ Black Iridium version that I'm parting ways with. These are pretty much brand new and will come with the original box/paperwork, microfiber. They do have a tiny mark on the left lens that does not effect your vision but is there for...
  4. U

    Sold Holbrook Warm Grey Lenses - Like New $40 OBO

    (x1) pair of Holbrook warm grey lenses. $45 $40 OBO including shipping within US.
  5. U

    Sold Holbrooks (polished black and moto gp)

    Looking to move a few pairs just bc I don’t need them any longer and I just have no need to hold them First pair, polished black with chrome icons and rivets and chrome iridium lenses. Pre owned frame shows normal wear and lenses show a few marks. OO9102-02 Second pair is the Polished Black...
  6. B

    Holbrook vs Holbrook Metal

    I have a pair of Holbrooks, and I am considering purchasing a Holbrook metal. Would it be worth? Is it better than Holbrook? Is it more comfortable?
  7. E

    Atomic Orange Fingerprint

    Does anyone know the rarity of an atomic orange/fingerprint sliver or enduro? I am not sure which years they were manufactured.
  8. U

    Sold Holbrook Mix

    Recently picked these up and they're just not for me. Brand new and will come with standard black microfiber bag. Matte Black Camo with Prizm Grey Polarized - $125 shipped Matte Black with Prizm Grey - $90 shipped Or $200 shipped takes both.
  9. U

    Buying Older Holbrooks, green MPH, Fallout Decay, Heaven & Earth

    On the hunt for a few discontinued Holbrook frame colors! I'm flexible on frame condition (would prefer all 4 rivets intact though) and lens color/condition (frame only is fine). They'll get worn, so they don't need to be perfect or include the original box. Acid/Crystal Green MPH w/Grey -...
  10. U

    Sold Holbrook XL's

    Picked these up in a bulk sale and just a little too big for me. Will come with a microfiber bag. Matte Black with Prizm Grey - Sold Woodgrain with Prizm Deep Water Polarized - $100
  11. U

    For Sale Trying to buy a home sale! Please help where you can! A LOT of Super solid pairs! UPDATED

    Hey All, With the current housing market I am trying to buy me and my wife a home! With a baby on the way I have to part with some of my favorite pairs of shades. I have been an Oakley Collector now for 12 years and absolutely love it. I hate to see these go but really need to find a way to...
  12. C

    Buying an old model

    Hello guys, I'm trying to buy an old Oakley Holbrook model, discontinued probably since 2018. Where do you recommend start looking for it?
  13. C

    Buying (A) Holbrook LX Tortoise/Green w/Dk Brnz

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a (A) Holbrook LX Tortoise/Green w/Dk Brnz SKU:OO2038-03 Thanks!
  14. Jay-Da

    24K Iridium Polarized Lens Variation?

    So I picked up a pair of 24K Polar lenses for my Slivers today... and happened to compare them to the exact same 24K Polar lenses in my Holbrooks and noticed the lenses appear to be different when looking through... (see photos). Could this be due to a lighter/heavier iridium coating on one or...
  15. U

    Sold EU sunglass sale - worldwide shipping

    Quick Sale. All pairs new, unused, 100% authentic and coming with the microclear bag only, 65 USD each, add 10$ flatrate for worldwide shipping (I'm shipping from Germany), PayPal G&S, more pairs coming soon when these are sold 1. SLIVER Polished Clear Prizm Sapphire 2. FROGSKINS Polished Clear...
  16. E

    Legit check for frame

    Good day, newbie here. Anyone here ever got a holbrook frame with the Oakley Logo marked with 'X'? Please see pics. All the other indicators for a legit frame is there though. Please help. Thanks!
  17. U

    Sold Ducati Jupiter, Hayden Oil Rig, Pit Boss 2

    Selling some O-Matter Ducati Jupiter - Box has creases, shiny spot on inner left ear stem, small blemish on left lens near Ducati Etching. Glasses, Ducati Microfiber bag, and box. $old Nicky Hayden Oil Rig 1 - Beater frame. Scratches on frame and lenses. Glasses and Nicky Hayden Microfiber...
  18. U

    Sold Matte Black Holbrook (beater)

    As title states. If anyone is looking to do a custom project or just needs a cheap pair for whatever. OO9102-01 matte black frame silver icons/rivets frame shows some wear. Arms swing freely I threw in a new set of OEM grey lenses for the time being and can sell with or without lenses...
  19. U

    Sold Raceworn Green Prizm BIP Holbrook

    For sale Raceworn Green Holbrook. Frames are brand new! Brand new pair of Prizm Black Iridium Polarized lenses. With microfiber. $old!
  20. U

    Sold Deuce Coupe Holbrook

    Got a pair of Deuce Coupe Holbrooks my friend is looking to move. Box is damaged on label side from storage. Glasses are like new condition. Please let me know if you have any questions. Looking for $115 shipped in the US.
  21. U

    Sold Jupiter Camo Holbrooks

    Got a friend looking to sell these. New in box with bag and pin. Glasses are in like new condition. Please let me know if you have any questions. Looking for $125 shipped in the US.
  22. U

    Buying Holbrook SEPIA / Dark Grey OO9102-64

    I'm looking for a pair of Holbrooks with the Sepia frame and grey lenses, prefeably in good or even new condition. If you have one you're going to sell, please let me know.
  23. U

    Sold Grey Smoke/Prizm Ruby Holbrook $65!

    I’m trying to trim down a few pairs. I really don’t want to let these go but daycare and their damn registration fees aren’t helping. first pair Crystal Smoke with Prizm Ruby lenses OO9244-04 Frames are in great shape. 9/10 Lenses are brand new 10/10 $65 shipped conus if you have any...
  24. U

    For Sale Goldbrook 24k Shaun White BNIB

    My first time back to the forum in TOO long. Sadly, I’m clearing out some pieces of my collection, and here is my favorite of it all. Shaun White Holbrook “Goldbrook” FMJ 24k. Never worn, rarely taken out of the box. Plastic sleeves kept on the stems, all original paperwork. Outer box is 9/10 ...
  25. U

    For Sale Holbrooks, Flak 2.0 XL, Radarlock

    Everything SOLD.... Thanks guys!!
  26. U

    For Sale Holbrooks 2 Pairs.

    Two pairs of Holbrook asking 130 for both. NIB Woodgrain- Prizm Daily Polarized Fire and Ice- Matte Crystal Black/Prizm Grey
  27. U

    Found Holbrook Dark Ink Fade

    Looking to replace a pair that got swiped a few months back. Preferably polarized but will consider anything as long as the frames are in good condition. Cheers!
  28. Jerome

    Oakley Sylas

    Just saw this new model appear on Oakley.com: https://www.oakley.com/en-us/product/888392454935 Edit: the link above does not seem to work somehow from the oakleyforum site, use this alternative link: https://www.oakley.com/en-us/product/W0OO9448?variant=888392454959 "Oakley® Sylas is a classic...
  29. U

    For Sale Uranium Shadow Camo Custom Holbrook

    For sale are Custom Holbrook with Uranium Shadow frame and prizim polarized lenses. These have only been taken out of the box to take a picture of them and put them on this site. The reason I am selling them is I thought I ordered the matte black camo in lieu of the uranium shadow, I tried to...
  30. U

    Sold Crystal Orange Holbrook

    Up for grabs is this pair of Crystal Orange Holbrooks with Grey lenses. Frames are in great shape minus where the arms cross and the lenses I’d rate a 9.5/10! Looking to get $90 shipped ConUs