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    Sold Old M Frame Lenses: Strike? Mostly Beaters

    Asking $50 + $5 S&H to continental US, for all of these. The top two are identical to each other... a bit larger. The bottom two are identical, probably the “Strike” (matches the box). (1) Gold? ... 4/10 condition ... Display Piece (2) Violet? ... 5/10 condition ... Display Piece - looks good...
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    Sold Pro M Black Rainbow w/ BNIB G30 Vented Strike

    Hey O-F I've got these uniquely painted Pro M-Frame w/ G30 Strike Vented Lenses I'm looking to rehome. Will also be including a Pro M storage vault with a large MF bag, as well as a normal slate nose piece (current one is black golf specific). These came out better than expected, the only flaw...
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    Removing Anti reflective coating

    I have a m frame strike grey lens.. It is structurally fine but inside the anti reflective coating is peeling... I haven't used it for more than a year...i want to use it again..so is there any way to remove the anti reflective coating?
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    Blue iridium or ice iridium

    I recently saw a listing on eBay.. Which says m frame 1st gen blue iridium lens. ..i only have new blue iridium (which is vr28 base)..now i don't know how old blue iridium looks like and what is the difference between ice iridium and old blue iridium?
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    Buying m frame mumbo blue iridium (grey base) lens

    anyone want to sell an old mumbo blue iridium (grey base) (not the vr28 one)m frame lens?
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    Walleva lenses for Oakley Fives Squared, M Frame Strike, M Frame Heater and M Frame Hybrid

    Hi guys, just wanna share with you a video of our lenses for the Oakley Fives Squared, M Frame Strike, M Frame Heater and M Frame Hybrid. :cool-33: And below are some pics of the lenses for the Five Squared and the M Frame WL005-BR for Oakley Fives Squared Sunglasses (Walleva Polarized Brown...