mad science

  1. U

    Sold  X-Metal Coins

    I have a few X-Metal coins I’m looking to move. All prices include standard shipping. 1997 Romeo - $35 1999 XX - $35 1999 Juliet - $20 2001 Penny Mad Science - $70 CONUS only. PayPal G&S or Venmo if preferred
  2. U

    For Sale  Copper Penny/VR28

    Copper Penny (Serialized) w/ VR28 Lenses + Aftermarket Lenses + Coin - Found these in an old Oakley Vault case (One of the old metal ones!) when I was cleaning out my old room. - They have spent the last 5+ years in there. - I have some aftermarket silver mirror lenses that were on it. -...
  3. karimo

    My Madman and Badman

    I love this frames! 2 ferraris 2 prizm daily 2 ruby ird 1 tungsten and 1 XTI
  4. Medusa50

    Oakley Mad Science Lab Door!

    Ok, so we all have tons of Oakley stuff around the house. How many people have their own Mad Science Laboratory? I decided since they don't make one I'll make my own. The first part of this is my new lab door which I just finished today. What's behind the door? You'll have to wait. This is just...
  5. XMetalAddict

    Oakley Mad Science App

    Hi everyone, just been to an well known optician to get some rx lenses put into some X Squared sunglasses. This proved to be a mine of information. However, one of the nice bits of information that he game me was the "Oakley Mad Science" app for Android and iPad.