1. Sirtinytree

    New member located in TN

    Hello, I’m new to how Oakley forum works. Can someone explain how to buy/sell/trade?
  2. xmetal40

    New lens chopping option

    Straightlink XL. Definitely taller lens. Not sure if it’s tall enough for Romeo or Mars, but it’s gotta be very close. @Chris A Hardaway @SouLFuLFroG @zwc0442 @mtb-nj @Titan X
  3. Amanoramonkey

    Buying (Or trading for) Mars lenses.

    Just testing the water I have an awesome anodized mars I picked up from @SoulFulFrog hoping to get some oem/custom cut lenses for them. Im open to options on colour emerald, jade, ruby, fire maybe even ice just want to see what's about. I have stuff to trade or could work out a cash deal for the...
  4. xmetal40

    Display Case Fun

  5. A

    Hi! 1st Post

    Hi to All I was an Oakley seller in early 00s and have been a fan ever since. What I'm all about is Mars. Had a Ruby pair back in the day and the sadly got stolen. Been secretly pining for 'em ever since. I'm here mainly to scope any Mars offered. Because ... one day.
  6. CrazyALee

    Buying Looking for mars crater to buy

    Hello, looking for a mars CRATER, in any range condition from beater pair to mint. Please PM me with what you have and your price, thank you. Preferably x-metal frame with black iridium or ruby iridium lens...
  7. RicHockney

    JJ signed Mars

    This isn't really a recent purchase as I've had them a few months now but just realised I've never posted any pics...... enjoy and excuse the box being upside-down
  8. Dorig Dokkens

    Deal PLATE SALE. Plus miscellaneous

    Pm me for any additional info. I have a couple of Plates and a couple miscellaneous things that I’m letting go. All come with standard MF bag. No box or coins. All frames have original OEM lenses. No holds, first one who pays gets it. Free shipping CONUS Internation shipping additional...
  9. dragonvoi

    For Sale Dragonvoi's x metal refinery

    As my old thread is not really accessible I have decided to start a new one. there are too many pics to upload, so just tag or message me with the pair you want to see and I will upload pics as we go! Much more to come, I just needed to start somewhere. prices are firm, G&S shipped in the USA...
  10. Jheyvip

    For Sale 5 pairs of Flex Couplers Oakley X Metal Juliet XX X-Squared Mars Penny R2

    $32.00 plus shipping 5 pairs of flex couples replacement nose bridge juliet I have many oakley x squared, penny, mars,R1 glasses and I have adapted these pieces for xsquared, penny , mars r1 successfully. If you want to adapt at your own risk, you may file down the edges os the nose bridge...
  11. magswitch7

    Buying WTB X-Metal T-Shox - Size 15, fits Mars - Romeo - XX - Juliet

    Looking to purchase some extra sets of Black Size 15 Temple Shocks in NEW/Like New condition. Please pm if you have any for sale! Thanks, Chris
  12. Stanley_O

    Trading (EU only) I have two mars for trade - looking for R1 Plasma or Penny Copper with machting box

    Hi guys; I have two mars frames in my collection which I am looking to trade for all OEM R1 Plasma Fire or Penny Copper with box as I am still missing those. I would take two penny frame with box in trade also (only the hinges have to be OK, nosebridge tuneup would be no problem)... The Mars...
  13. htrap2294


    Hello all, Up for sale are a total of FIVE items. I will first list the prices of these items, to keep everything nice and tidy. They do not all have to be bought together but package deals DO take preference. ITEMS FOR SALE - PRICES ARE PP G&S AND INCLUDE SHIPPING: MARS LEATHER: SERIAL...
  14. E

    A Must-Have for X-Metal

  15. Dorig Dokkens

    Traded Mars Michael Jordan

    I’m looking to trade these for Romeo 1’s of the same value. I don’t have a box or coin.
  16. IAMOBS

    Serialized X- Metal Unmatched Box/Frame lost and found list

    ** UPDATED 2/11/2018 WITH UNMATCHED BOXES AND FRAME INFO*** I was looking for something like this and didn't see one so I asked someone else that knows way more than I do if there was one and if he thought it would be a good idea and he agreed so here it goes. I'm sure there are a bunch of...
  17. Dorig Dokkens

    Traded Last drop $575 Mars Jordan’s Low Serial#

    I’m regretfully having to sell my Jordan’s. These are in good shape. The leather has a worn look although I’ve only had them on a few times. The bridge is loose and each lense has a very small scratch, doesn’t effect vision. These are a low serial #1056. I’m asking $575
  18. Bonz-1

    Project Mar's

    I have been waiting for a long time to do this !! These are my dream pair of Mars I always wanted a polished pair!! Eventually I'm hoping to send this frame to @Chris A Hardaway to get custom cut perscription lenses lol !!
  19. xmetal40

    Cleaning & displaying stretchline

    Much work to be done, although it’s a start. I used Brasso metal polish and grade 0 steel wool. Any suggestions?
  20. Dieseltech

    Buying Mars Beater

    Hello, I’m sorta looking for a Mars for a Custom Project if I can find one for a good price. (Around 300) It doesn’t need lenses, nose bridge can be loose, don’t care about finish and rubber is optional. Just need a good straight frame with no damage. Thanks
  21. Migs the Scientist

    Sold Xmetal Mars and Juliet

    Hello O brothers n sis I have a first gen xmetal juliet BI with box and coin, extra pair of OEM torch currently installed. BI lenses are included. Both sets of lenses are basically scratch free, possible swirl marks camera cannot pick up. Rubber parts still good and bridge still factory tight...
  22. xmetal40

    Buying Mars lens(es)

    Also willing to trade. Emerald, DWP, Fire, etc. PM me what will be available.
  23. xmetal40

    Names for the X-Metal frames: anyone know intel regarding how they came up with these names?

    I'm sure this will not be an easy subject to garner information, but I'm quite curious.
  24. xmetal40

    Humidor for lenses?

    Perhaps this proves to be a moot point; regardless, I am curious if anyone uses a humidor for lenses? Any other ideas to ensure that lenses do not peel?
  25. xmetal40

    Sold Donor Lenses: Big Taco, Plaintiff, and Turbine -- $old!

    Shipping CONUS. Big Taco lenses fit all X-Metal, Romeo, Mars, X-Squared, etc. Plaintiff fits all X-Metal + OTT! Turbine fits all X-Metal, but unlike Big Taco, does not come with 8.75 base curve. Closer to a 7 curve. I will be happy to entertain questions. Please PM me. $OLD Turbine...
  26. Pospaintballer

    Sold Mars crater

    $450 excellent condition, low serial if that interest you.
  27. Fernando

    For Sale Pre x-metal sales tread

    Hello OFamily I put my pre-sales here, all complete, oem and maching serial, if you're really interesting send to my a pm and I send to you all the info and pics or can wait to the sales tread but maybe is gone Lnib r1 mj $1680 #### Lnib r1 mj $1680 #### Bnib mars leather $1050 M*###### Bnib...
  28. Toomin

    Buying Oakley Mars

    Looking to find a pair of mars frames. Beaters, dailys, or nicer ones. Msg me or post here. Thanks
  29. Foldupcup

    Buying Mars Lenses

    Hey people, I have a mars already, but my lenses are starting to delam. I was wondering if anyone had anything that they were trying to sell? Open to hear some color options but prefer black iridium
  30. Pospaintballer

    Trading 12gauge stealth for XMetals

    looking to trade my 12 gauge stealth for some xmetals. The watch has new battery about 2 months old. Crystal is good there is a little scratch on the metal under the 6pm. Shown in pic also the clasp has some silver showing through. The band has been cut to fit medium/small wrist, the box is good...