1. U

    For Sale Mars with Prizm Ruby lenses price lowered

    Mars with Prizm Ruby lenses. Mint, mint, mint! Lenses are new cut by Chris Hardaway. $850 F&F or +5% Free priority mail shipping to the US & US territories, fully insured.
  2. Jaasperg

    Romeo 1 and Mars crater FTW

    New to the group and these 2 are my recent purchases Romeo Ti Gold Mars crater
  3. U

    Found looking for mars or crater

    whaddya got Oakley hive? all conditions considered, priced accordingly. I'm looking for an x-metal or possibly plasma finish, lenses unimportant as this is for an rx project. papers / box / coin unimportant. thanks!
  4. U

    Deal R1 Ice Lenses

    I have this new set of Ice lenses that have some scratches due to delamination during the cutting process. They are not mint but have plenty of life left R1 Ice cut from Plaintiff donors 8.75 BC Good for display $80 Free buyer pays for shipping
  5. U

    For Sale X-Metal repair tool

    Used it once to rebuild my Mars. Thought I would start doing repairs for others but decided there's too much risk so I don't need it anymore. Asking $60 shipping included. U.S. Only
  6. U

    For Sale X-Metal repair tool

    Used it once to rebuild my Mars. Thought I would start doing repairs for others but decided there's too much risk so I don't need it anymore. Asking $60 shipping included. U.S. only
  7. U

    Sold Leather/Jordan Mars

    Guess we all reach a time in our collecting where we look at stuff we don't wear and decide it's time to move it along. My time has come on these. Selling my Leather Mars. Glasses are in excellent condition! They've honestly just been sitting in my case or in the box for the last 10+ years...
  8. U

    Traded Mars Gold OEM lenses new

    Selling this set of Mars oem lenses. Never mounted or used. Gold iridium. Asking for $350 shipped
  9. XM-I

    My shelf 😬

    A whole lot of cases, and no display case to put ‘em in. In a definitive order below, order of acquisition From my first pair, crystal black gen2 M-Frame sweep black iridium and +Red sweep (cracked hinges 😮‍💨, superglued the hinges, they still open and close, but at least they don’t wobble)...
  10. Walter Langkowski

    What are my Mars Jordan worth

    Tax return time is among us so in light of all the spare cash floating around I plan on selling my Mars Jordan on Saturday 3/5/2022 I bought these last year rescuing them from overseas and brought them back home to the U.S.A where they belong :) They are like new with box and coin. The glasses...
  11. tuzobiker

    My XMetals

    These are my XMetals... and my short but long history: In the 2000, when I saw James Marsden wear the XMetal for de first XMen movie, I wished immediately... but that were stundent times and I had to wait to end my career and start to job to get a pair of Juliet. I bought the Juliet frame...
  12. U

    Sold X-Metals (R1, Mars, Penny, Juliet)

    Trying to downsize my collection, and I have several duplicate pairs. Condition is very subjective, detailed pictures are part of the description. Click on the Google Drive link to view the photos and just send me a PM if you have any questions, I can take more pictures upon request. They are in...
  13. Maveryq13

    Round Eye Collection

    Yes, you read that right; Show me your round eye collection! My trifecta. I tried the Madman and didn't like them, so here's my current lineup; I hope to add a Crater. Let's see yours!
  14. U

    Sold Frame Mars Crater

    Mars Crater Frame in very good condition, some slight scratches, lenses in very bad condition. needs tuning. Additional rubber set used in good condition. If you have any questions or need more photos, send me a message and I will respond as soon as possible Free shipping Pay with Paypal...
  15. xmetal40

    Rearranging office

  16. V10BEETLE

    Anybody have experience with this seller?

    Been looking for sideblinders for my Mars and was referred to this guy. I'm not familiar with him so I just wanted to see if anyone else has had any deals with him before I send money off. I've had a few rough experiences in the past and I want to make sure he's not just using someone else's...
  17. U

    Sold Mars / crater Mariener matte lenses

    Hello everyone I have fresh off the press Mariener matte lenses!!! Blue Red Silver!! $75 shipped conus for 1 set $135 shipped conus for 2 sets $185 shipped conus for 3 sets
  18. XM-I

    Thoughts on lenses that pair well with a first gen XX tio2?

    As seen today in the WOAYWT thread I have chrome iridium mounted currently, I also have fruby iridium that have minor peeling/abrasion (and I ought to get around to sending my XX to @zwc0442 for a tune up, and to clean up any discoloration) but not visibility while mounted, and the original...
  19. U

    For Sale X-Metal Collection Sale Jordan Romeo, Jordan Mars, XX, Juliets, X Squared, Ducati, etc.

    Up for sale is several pairs of X-Metals: Romeo 1 X-Metal with Original Black Lenses. Great condition 9/10 $750 Jordan Romeo 1 Low Serial with Original Lenses in Great Condition 9/10 SOLD Mars X-metal with OEM lenses in like new condition 9/10 SOLD Jordan Mars Only displayed with original...
  20. Lopaka KaMars

    Jordan for auction. Fake? Thoughts on this?
  21. U

    Deal Mars Jordan all original, serial matching box!

    Selling a one owner Mars ( I picked it up but decided to pass it on ) . The original owner kept it for 21 years!! The nose has no strength left it’s completely loose. Lenses have microscratches but still usable or great for display. Leather can be cleaned and reused since it’s still has lots of...
  22. U

    Sold (Or Trade) Mars Complete Set Matching

    Selling or trading one of my complete Mars sets . Price $650 US This is one of the new old stocks recently sold on the forum. I have never worn it and to my knowledge it has never been worn. Once I cleaned up the frame and box from the deteriorated foam it's been locked away in the bottom...
  23. U

    Traded my Pit Boss 1 frame for your Mars Crater frame

    Have am excellent condition PB1 frame, willing to trade for a Mars Crater frame with OEM finish. Lenses and rubbers not needed PM me if interested
  24. Sirtinytree

    New member located in TN

    Hello, I’m new to how Oakley forum works. Can someone explain how to buy/sell/trade?
  25. xmetal40

    New lens chopping option

    Straightlink XL. Definitely taller lens. Not sure if it’s tall enough for Romeo or Mars, but it’s gotta be very close. @Chris A Hardaway @SouLFuLFroG @zwc0442 @mtb-nj @Titan X
  26. U

    Buying (Or trading for) Mars lenses.

    Just testing the water I have an awesome anodized mars I picked up from @SoulFulFrog hoping to get some oem/custom cut lenses for them. Im open to options on colour emerald, jade, ruby, fire maybe even ice just want to see what's about. I have stuff to trade or could work out a cash deal for the...
  27. xmetal40

    Display Case Fun

  28. A

    Hi! 1st Post

    Hi to All I was an Oakley seller in early 00s and have been a fan ever since. What I'm all about is Mars. Had a Ruby pair back in the day and the sadly got stolen. Been secretly pining for 'em ever since. I'm here mainly to scope any Mars offered. Because ... one day.
  29. U

    Buying Looking for mars crater to buy

    Hello, looking for a mars CRATER, in any range condition from beater pair to mint. Please PM me with what you have and your price, thank you. Preferably x-metal frame with black iridium or ruby iridium lens...
  30. RicHockney

    JJ signed Mars

    This isn't really a recent purchase as I've had them a few months now but just realised I've never posted any pics...... enjoy and excuse the box being upside-down