matte lens

  1. sybiria

    Split/Wind Jackets with Dillon Matte Lenses (Rare)

    Some more beauties Si Split and Wind Jackets with Matte frame and Matte lenses Special thanks to "you know who" for making this mod possible! The quality of work is A+! The split jackets as you know are able to change lenses with no tools and this functionality is passed on with these lenses as...
  2. sybiria

    Juliet Custom Matte Lenses (Rare)

    These Carbon Juliet's have real matte lenses and perfect optical clarity. The donor lenses are with NIR technology patented by Dillon Optics (which have ugly sunglasses for my taste, so marring them with Oakley's where the logical thing to do) After contacting a superb member @Chris A Hardaway...