medusa goggles

  1. Oakster11

    In search of Medusa Googles

    Good Day Ladies and Gents I finally got myself a Medusa last week however it didn't come with the googles. So, I'm in search for a pair. Any condition I'm interested. Also curious, any OF members apply or put on some sort of leather conditioner or cleaner on the Medusa to preserve the look and...
  2. JWLNY

    Oakley Medusa w/ Rare Goggles Size Large

  3. Larry-Espino-Hinojosa

    some of my work. I found it on the Internet

  4. U

    Buying Wanted: Medusa Googles

    Hi everyone, I’m new to this Oakley forum. I just bought my Medusa with out googles couple of weeks ago, and now I’m on hunt for the googles. If any of you knows someone selling a Medusa googles, please let me know soon and the price. Thank you!
  5. jv_xmetal

    Wanted: Oakley Medusa Googles

    Hi All, Good day! I am looking for Oakley Medusa Googles, if any of you guys has 1 google to sell, please hit me a message. Thank you!
  6. U

    Sold MEDUSA

    MEDUSA Hat is in good condition, its dreadlocks and seams are intact. Lens scratched in regular condition. (See photos) Please if you want photos or additional information send me a message I will respond in the shortest possible time. Free shipping to the USA Pay by Paypal Price $1600
  7. U

    Sold Medusa+goggles in box.

    Up for sale is a medusa size large/xl everything is in very good condition no scratches on lenses only minor spots . Comes with Medusa and goggles with box ( no goggles box ). Also includes a medusa bag. This has Japanese tags inside. Price sold (shipping included) bob is not for sale atm. Not...