1. DMayhem

    MFrame Gen1/2? Replacement Stems?

    I have a friend who has had these since, well forever… any leads or ideas on getting them back onto wearable condition. I’ll admit I just drool over vintage stuff like this myself… but it would mean a lot if I could get these back in shape. Plus I have no idea what they actually are except for...
  2. U

    Found New M frames and/Heater lenses

    Hey OF Show me what you got..for sale. Looking for a Snow/White camo M frame specifically. Just looking for the frame. If anybody has any other new M Frames or Heater lenses they wouldn't mind parting with...
  3. 604895E3-C910-4ECE-9FE1-49F82D052231.jpeg


    M Frame, Lance Armstrong signature addition.
  4. tarqsthehero

    How can I get my 1990's mframes fixed

    Hello everyone, 20 years ago I bought a pair of Oakley m-frame sweep. Loved them. At some point I lost the nose piece and the arm broke so they've been sitting in a cupboard for at least 15 years. Thought I might try and get them fixed or get some replacement parts. I can find anything and my...
  5. U

    Sold M Frame jet Black w/ slatte Iridium “ GOLF - Sweep “ #SOLD

    Hello Ofamily for sale this BNIB GOLF MFrame jet black frame with slate lenses, don’t have defects and comes complete with box papers and bag, I have cleaned and disinfected them completely. SKU: 09-608 Condition: BNIB All Is 10/10 Price: $120 the glasses + $30 for the fees and shipping. $150...
  6. U

    Sold Old M Frame Lenses: Strike? Mostly Beaters

    Asking $50 + $5 S&H to continental US, for all of these. The top two are identical to each other... a bit larger. The bottom two are identical, probably the “Strike” (matches the box). (1) Gold? ... 4/10 condition ... Display Piece (2) Violet? ... 5/10 condition ... Display Piece - looks good...
  7. U

    Sold M Frame Baseball Heater, New Carbon Fiber / Black Iridium

    hello for sale this awesome M Frame Baseball Heater, New Carbon Fiber / Black Iridium, frame is new with out any defect I put this used lenses free, the rubbers is new too, the lenses have many cleaning marks but still very good for use web you put don’t have nothing bother, see the pics, came...
  8. U

    Sold M Frame

    M Frame SOLD $100 plus shipping
  9. U

    Sold Pro M-Frame David Duvall

    Pro M-Frame David Duvall Frame in good condition, has no scratches, the paint is in good condition. the lenses have some scratches 7/10 Price $ 85 Pay by Paypal Free shipping to the USA
  10. M

    Quick question

    Most of my m frame lenses have a date in them. Usually something like 031804. I have one lens that says NT1. Does anyone know what that means? Thank you.
  11. U

    Sold M Frame Heater New blue frame w/ +red iridium

    Hello OF for sale M-frame heater, new blue frame with +red iridium lenses, never been used, we had it in the store exposed a month and then we keep it until today, the lens has a bit of dust and the mark of a fingerprint, nothing that can not be cleaned with the bag, has no scratches they are...
  12. W

    Christmas 30% OFF Sale on

    Christmas 30% OFF Sale on Time: 2017.12.22- 2018.01.02 Code: 2018 Where:
  13. U

    Sold Mag M Frame New Hibrid Plasma w/ fire iridium + eye shades bag + o-black case

    Hello all, for sale a mag m-frame :) one of the best mframe of Oakley, is a especial piece of the magnesium collection, everything is in perfect condition without bumps or scratches, you can see the orbital screws are perfect never put out the lenses, the lenses have some cleaning marks but very...
  14. W

    Walleva Prescription Lenses for Oakley Frames

    Hi fellows, We just released a series of prescription lenses for the Oakley frames: Order Prescription Lenses Batwolf, Flak 2.0, Flak 2.0 XL, Flak Jacket, Flak Jacket XLJ, Flak Jacket XLJ Vented, Gascan, Half Jacket, Half Jacket 2.0 XL, Half Jacket XLJ, Half Jacket, XLJ Vented, Hijinx...
  15. U

    Sold Lot . flak, half jacket, m frame. excellent price

    I sell lot of frames M frame, flak, half jacket. (new) the total of these are 52. (only frames in plastic bag) 14 M frame black mate 18 Flak Jacket 1.0 Black Polished 5 Flak Jacket 1.0 Rootbeer 5 Flak Jacket 1.0 Bronw 3 Flak Gray 7 Half Jacket Black Polished Initially the lot was 80...
  16. D

    Mframe question

    So I just got my crystal blue mframe in today. While the mframe was my first oakley I bought back in 08 im somewhat new to the whole collecting as well as older mframes. Anyways I was wondering if anyone could give me some info on my latest pick up, its the first pair in the picture
  17. U

    Sold M-Frame Sweep jet Black w/ slatte Iridium SKU: 09-608 + 2 set of new oem rubbers

    Hi all for sale This awasome BNIB golf M-Frame Sweep jet Black frame with slate Iridium lenses, Is complete And New "made in usa", came with extra new sets of slate and black OEM rubbers. SKU: 09-608 Condition: BNIB All Is 10/10 Price $200 allin Thanks for look
  18. W3bb5

    Small collector from Boston with old mframe restoration questions

    Hi all, Decided to join when a friend gave me a pair of old 1994 mframes that were heavily beat. I'm going to repair them and I have a few questions. 1. Can new style lens from revant optics fit this style frame? 2. How would I go about changing one of the arms that is snapped in half? Thank you!
  19. U

    Buying M-Frame Heater lens

    Would anybody have any M-Frame Heater lenses they'd let go? I'm looking for either emerald, fire, or positive red? LMK know asap.
  20. U

    Buying M-Frame Heater lens

    Please let me know if you have any M-Frame heater lens available asap.
  21. U

    For Sale New M-Frame Black frame $100 Allin

    For sale a New M-Frame Black frame Price 100 paypal g&s Shipped with tracking and insurance Thanks For look.
  22. D

    New member. Asian-American living in Bangkok

    Hi Everyone, It's nice to meet you all. I have to say its nice to see a fan forum that is so supportive of each other's addiction. My first Oakleys were Mframes bought in the 90's from Costco where they sold them below retail by repackaging them and not including the original box. It didn't...
  23. I

    Picked up some cheap M Frames today

    Whenever I come across a cheap pair, like most of you I say what the hell and pick them up. Basically I got two for the price of one today. I mainly wanted the Frame it self from the blue pair as the lens is F****d and the nose piece, so those will get a nice little resto. As for the other pair...