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    Official Fakes/Possible Fakes Inquiry Thread (ARE THESE FAKE? POST FAKES HERE)

    This thread serves as the consolidated area to inquire whether your Oakley's are fake, potential fakes or real. Post your pictures and include any relevant details. For tips and guides on how to spot fakes based on model, check the link below...
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    legit check on oakley minute 1.0 gen 2

    Hello everyone! I only just got into the oakley brand, but it's already gone to my head! :) i just got these minute 1.0's reaaallly cheap (i assumed the seller didn't know what they are worth) but now i'm not sure if they are legit. they are in a bad condition (paint-wise) but still feel really...
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    Sold Minute 1.0 gen 2 beater

    I have a beater pair for sale. When I say beater, I mean the frame is in rough shape. But the lens and rubbers are in great shape. Lens are Black iridium and have small mark on right lens, left is clear. Ear socks are in great shape. Frame has had arm repaired with heat shrink tubing (see...
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    Sold Minute FMJ and Valve, New polished black black Iridium

    Minute (Gen 2) [FMJ 5.56 / Black Iridium] - $old. $30.00 Frame is in good condition. The FMJ is not flaking off though there are some worn spots on the earstems at the hinge point. Oakley logos are warn a bit with some of the silver finish worn off. Lenses will need to be replaced as they...
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    Sold Lot Of 5 Minute Frames

    Lot Of 3 Minute Frames As shown in the images, one of these frames have the lenses in good condition, with some small scratches 8/10 Price $120 Pay by Paypal Free shipping to the United States.
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    Sold Minute (Gen 1) Electric Violet FMJ w/ black iridium

    Hello OFamily, now a electric violet fmj minute 1.0 with black Iridium lenses, have very low used, lenses have little cleaning mark, very low, came with mf-bag only. Condition: low used SKU: 04-083 Frame 9,5/10 Lenses 9,5/10 Rubbers 9,5/10 Price $150 #SOLD allin payment in...
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    Buying Minute 1.0 Gen2 Black Frames with Black Iridium Lenses

    Looking to buy some classic Minute 1.0 Gen 2 in the Black Frame with Black Iridium Lenses. I'm open to the various frame editions such as the SI or subdued icons or matte. I'm open to the various lens types such as polarized, non-polarized, or Prizm. NIB would be ideal but I'm ok with used...
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    Buying Minute 1 Black frame with Black Iridium

    Looking for the first version of minutes with black frame and black iridium lenses. Can be polarized or without. Shipping to Australia.
  9. Jacob Carstens

    More Collegiates and a Hawaiian gift box...

    Received this amazing load of O stuff from my man in the pacificas @Xs and Os - thanks buddy :agree: Including my latest Collegiate finds - Kentucky Minute and Auburn XX :D
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    Sold Vintage set ... Oo's Ej... And more #SOLD

    Hi all i need more space in The room soo put For sale other vintage set: Eye Jacket 1.0 FMJ 5.56 complete frame only. 10/10 New used Eye lenses +red Iridium 7/10 with marks of use but does not affect vision Mint Minute 1.0 violet w/ Black Iridium 9/10 with Any mark of use but does not affect...