1. SolarOracle

    For Sale MM Black face with Silver Dial

    Up for sale is a Mint Minute Machine Watch Black face with Silver Dial Sapphire Crystal is perfect! Clasp is like new Comes with all links, Pelican case and paperworks Take it home for $950 $900 Shipped to the US
  2. hockeyguy

    For Sale Minute Machine/ Black dial

    Been considering selling this and I’ve decided to do so. Mostly because part of the money is going to something very important to me. Has some wear, nothing too crazy though. Recently died on me so will need a new battery. Includes instrument of time coin box. I’ll add pictures of the box when...
  3. OakleyRyan9250

    Buying Watches & Glasses

    Hey Everyone! I'm getting back into my Oakley stuff again and I'm looking for a few watches and a couple eyewear! Here are the watches I'm interested in buying: - Double Tap - doesn't matter color, but preferably Stealth or just Black - Kill Switch - Stealth please! - Minute Machine - Time...
  4. XmetalSanta

    Price check if possible on these 2 watches

    **Looking for price check , Not for Sale** Oakley Minute Machine Titanium
  5. Fernando

    Sold Time Tank Titanium / Copper “ MM “

    Hello OFamily decided to sell one more of my time tank the Titanium / Copper in low used condition, very mint, i have used it with great care and love, it has some use marks but it is in great condition, continue with the transparent plastic of the back inside, comes with the black box that has...
  6. Fernando

    Sold Time Tank Titanium / Red “ MM “

    Hello Of I decided to sell one of my time tank the Titanium / Red in used condition, i have used it with great care and love, it has some use marks but it is in great condition, comes with the black box that has some brands of use. SKU: 10-251 Price $1120 allin ( or best offer) Paypal g&s (...
  7. P

    Hell..O everyone. I'm needing help with my Minute Machine

    Hell"O" everyone. I'm needing help with my Minute Machine.

    Sold MM Minute Machine/ Time Tank Ti Bracelet/clasp only

    Hi All, Up for grabs is a lightly used Ti Bracelet. Everything is in good working order. 2 H connector link things to connect to the case and 11 sizing links however 1 of the spare links is missing the screws and the washers but I'll include a pair of black 3D printed washers made...
  9. JU-Apache

    Sold Minute Machine Black Face White Dial

    Hi all, Minute Machine Black Face White Dial for sale. The watch is in a pristine condition. Total 12 links. Pelican case included. 800$ OBO PayPal G&S, expedited shipping worldwide included. Thank you for looking.
  10. Beancooker

    Sold Minute Machine Red Dial, Titanium Bracelet, unworn condition

    03/03/2019 Long time no talk Friends. I have been absent as to work and crazy hours. I quit that job and relocated to the other side of the country where the sun shines! That said, I have a minute machine red dial in unworn condition. I still have the box, the packing materials, warranty card...
  11. TheDukeOfIce

    Buying Beater MM w/Ti Band - Cash or Trade

    Looking for a beater / well used MM/TT. Must be mechanically sound Must have the titanium bracelet / band I have cash, &/or X-Metal’s XX & XS frames for trade. No new or nice conditions please - this is destined for customizing. Thank you
  12. Millertime2598

    Sold Red Faced Minute Machine

    Got a friend looking to sell her Red Faced Minute Machine. Watch is essentially new, she only wore it a handful of times. Only thing is the few marks on the back near the clasps. Comes with box, case, papers and all of the links. Please let me know if you have any questions. Looking for...
  13. mustangjt

    Sold Time Tank with Silver Face and Black Dials, Leather Band

    For Sale is a Time Tank with Silver/Black Face and leather band. There are some minor scratches on the case. No issues with the sapphire. Leather band is new and unworn. Just installed a new battery. Will ship in brown watch box. $510 PayPal G&S, shipped USPS priority, CONUS. PM me if outside...
  14. xmetal40

    How to fix Oakley Minute Machine leather band and loop?

    Do I need to buy a new leather band or a watch loop? I ask because the loop broke today. It’s no big deal, but curious what everyone thinks is best. Merry Christmas to all, xmetal40
  15. xmetal40

    Titanium Romeo Black Prizm

    Waiting at First Watch for my food this morning, and I thought I would just post a few pictures and give a few thoughts. I’ve wore the black prizm lenses for a while now. To be honest, they are much easier to adjust to than I thought they would be. The clarity is incredible, and I believe it’s...
  16. B

    Minute Machine -real? Or a fake?

    Help guys! I’m looking to purchase a minute machine as an Christmas gift. I see so many on eBay ranging in costs between 700 on up to 2500 and some even more. I’ve read some forums that talk about how to spot a fake but would like your expert opinion, please. I want to put an offer in on this...
  17. Tejada

    Sold Minute Machine Unobtanium

    Minute Machine The clock is functional and is in excellent condition. Price $650 Pay by Paypal Free shipping to usa.
  18. SolarOracle

    Buying MM Watch

    Looking for a Minute Machine in Mint or excellent condition and complete! Titanium band is a must and I would prefer All Black Face or Silver but any color will do. Thanks
  19. Lupetto

    Sold Bnib (silver) Minute Machine

    For sale a bnib Minute Machine never used only displayed. Has most of plastic wrapping including back and front cover. Comes with display box but no outer box or paperwork ( I can add if required). Price Sold ! plus shipping ( around 40$ worldwide ) pm with any questions. Thanks for checking!
  20. mustangjt

    Sold Minute Machine Silver Face with all Links

    Looking to sell my Silver Face Minute Machine. Trying to thin out duplicates in my collection. Includes all 13 links (11 are removable for sizing). Comes with wooden box and cardboard outer box. Wooden box has a dent in one corner. Watch has normal scratches on Titanium Band, nothing major...
  21. toosteeley

    Sold “Silver Limited” Minute Machine

    For sale is a mint condition, super rare, “Silver Limited” Minute Machine (sku 10-078). I’ve only seen one of these posted for sale and that was back in 2013 ;). This is NOT a custom band swap. Absolutely flawless! Comes with an extra link and soft case. $OLD shipped in North America.
  22. Lupetto

    Sold MM cobalt cerakoted/red face. Red bolts/spacers.

    The master Zach zwc0442 created this beautiful watch. Comes with 13 links complete from factory. Pictures will speak for themselves.1350$ watch and all links. 1450$ with watch box. Shipping included. Thanks for checking! Pm with any questions. Everything is in great shape, battery is still fresh...
  23. O

    Miniute Machine crown broken

    I have a minute machine that I love. Unfortunately I broke the crown in half and its stuck in the watch. I have sent it into the Oakley repair center. I haven't heard anything back in a week. When I search online I see no crowns available even on Ebay. What are the chances of Oakley repairing...
  24. mustangjt

    Found Ti Minute Machine in San Diego

    This got posted last night. It was originally listed for $750. By this morning it was raised to $850. Description does say it needs a battery. https://offerup.co/I4RAn0ryEO
  25. K

    Sold Minute Machine Red Face w/ Original Box

    Looking to sell my Red Face Minute Machine. Great condition only minor scratching on the clasp. Comes with original box and packaging. Asking $900. PM me with questions. Cheers!
  26. O

    Sold Minute Machine Ti with Ti strap

    Hi all, Time has come to part with the last of my unworn Minute Machines... 100% brand new and unworn. Can only see one small scuff from display on clasp as shown in pic. All 13 links included. Comes with all as shown in pics, happy to take more upon request. Outer cardboard (showing storage...
  27. Lupetto

    What’s off?

  28. Lupetto

    For Sale Black w/Black dial Time Tank.

    For sale used time tank ( gen1 Minute Machine ) black face with black dial with unobtanium band. Shows signs of use especially the band but still looks great. SOLD $Obo with box and packaging plus shipping 40$ worldwide. Please pm with any questions. Thanks for checking!
  29. OakleyArg

    Buying Blue face Minute Machine or orange face Hollowpoint

    Hello O brothers and O sisters! As the title says, I am looking for either a blue face Minute Machine or an orange face Hollowpoint, for a reasonable price. You would be shipping it to Washington DC. Please shoot me a PM with what you have. Thanks!
  30. Lupetto

    Deal Red face minute machine

    9/10 overall condition glass is perfect so is movement and clasp. Titanium band shows minimal wear. Send tells with questions 850$ ( traded ) plus shipping. Thanks for checking!