1. S

    Help me Identify Some Oakleys

    Hey All, New here, just joined and have been a lurker for some time. Just seeing if anyone can help me identify some Oakleys that I saw in the 2005 film Lord of War. Ethan Hawkes character is wearing them and I have seen the "O" on the side which led me to believe they are Oakley. Anyone have...
  2. 3D model

    3D model

    Modeled part on AutoCAD, with the exact dimensions of the original part.
  3. R

    model of sunglasses

    I bought these sunglasses in about 2004 and one of the hinges broke, does anyone know what model thay are and where I can buy replacement parts online?
  4. S

    Help with Identification...

    Can anyone tell me what kind of Oakley's these are? I've had them for at least 5 years or so. Probably longer if I really think about it. Help?
  5. B

    Oakley's or Fakley's? Also what model?

    Good morning everyone. I've been a long time Oakley fan and decided to add a new set to my collection. I bought these for $30 bucks off of Offer Up. I know they're an older model but I wasn't familiar with a lot of the missing logos and design. I'm wondering if I bought a set of fakes for a...
  6. R

    Sunglasses similar to Matt Bellamys?

    Hi everyone. I'm looking to purchase a pair of sunglasses similar to the pair Matt Bellamy wears in the music video Undisclosed Desires. Apparently they are Prada Style: PR64IS and I've attached a photo of them. I've tried searching thoroughly online but I'm unable to find a similar pair...
  7. J

    Need help Identifying my Oakley's

    I would greatly appreciate any help with finding out the model of these glasses. I need to order a new rubber cushion for the bridge of the nose, the lens are scratched and the side rubber is starting to look a bit torn up. Thank you ahead of time, it looks like a great community...
  8. Karl Horan

    Could someone help me identify my glasses pls..

    Hi all. I would like help in identifying my oakley glasses model as i need to get some new nose pads but can't remember the model. Had them about 3 or 4 years. Thanks in advance. Karl