neon yellow

  1. U

    Sold 03-200 School Bus Yellow for Neon Yellow Version

    Have the earlier school bus yellow version of 03-200 offer up in exchange, for the neon yellow variant of 03-200. Either have an unworn complete example in exchange for an equal condition neon variant. Otherwise if someone has a bare frame Neon Yellow they'd trade for my lightly used School Bus...
  2. U

    Buying Wtb> mint neon yellow/fire frogskins

    As the title states, im looking for a mint pair of the neon yellows. Been out of the game, but still trying to get myself this pair since way back. Fingers crossed* message me :)
  3. Otard

    Neon Frogs legit?

    anybody seen this before, because i haven't? looks like they were painted Neon.
  4. SlightlySpaded

    Gen 1 Pair Of Neons And A Pair Of Blues

    I recently purchased a BNIB pair of gen 1 neon yellow/violet frogs. Then after they shipped he told me he also had a pair of blue/grey no bag or box with those though. I'll post pics when they arrive. Not really sure what the values are because I'm pretty new to this but I needed some nice...
  5. good2mod

    Neon Yellow (School Bus) Frogskins

    You cant go wrong with this pair! Neon Yellow (School Bus) Frogskins! I almost traded my juliet for this, glad i was patient.
  6. D

    NEON YELLOWS Finally Update School Busses Instead

    So my seller stopped by and sold me her neon yellows which happened to be the school bus yellows instead. Pretty sweet! Who wants to educate me on how rare these are because i thought they were fake until i did some research. They are legit.
  7. dallious

    Just Got These School Bus In

    These are so sweet
  8. dallious

    Neon Yellow Vs School Bus Frogskins

    Can someone post pictures of both the Neon Yellow and School Bus Frogskins? I want to see the difference if any between them, thanks much!
  9. T

    Neon Yellow/Purple Iridium

    Just got some first gen Neon Yellows for $70. Only one scratch one either lens as well. I'm pumped.
  10. kSpirit

    The Year So Far...

    So I finally got some time to take some pics of this year's additions...kinda been putting it off till I had something nice to show, then my camera broke and finally I was gone for a month... Back home so here we go: First off Neon Yellows which I got in a trade from Kennthekotto back in...